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The Freeside train station is an unmarked location within Freeside in the Mojave Wasteland.


The train station is across the street from the ruined store, where the NCR is handing out food to any NCR citizens in the area, so long as they know the password.[1] During conversation with Rotface, he may mention the train station to the Courier, sending them there on their hunt for the individuals who had previously attacked friends of the King.[2] Several missionaries can also lead the Courier to the area around the train station.[3][4][5]

When speaking with the King, one of his gang members interrupts with news of a shootout going down near the train station involving Pacer and some strangers, potentially the NCR.[6] The Courier can investigate the situation, finding a stand-off between Pacer and Kings gang members and members of the New California Republic led by Major Elizabeth Kieran at the train station.[7][8] The NCR holds their position on the far side of the tracks by the tower, and the Kings can be found near the bus stop.[9][10]


The train station building itself is inaccessible, with each entryway boarded up. A bus stop, mail box, and wrecked car are located between it and the overpass. Across the tracks is a guard outpost and campfire between the building and the area's exterior wall. The station's platform is also located on this side, with several benches and a makeshift ramp leading down to the ground below. One end of the railroad tracks are covered by a large pile of rubble and the other end extends further into Freeside, walled off again behind Old Mormon Fort.

Related quests

  • G.I. Blues: A Kings gang member reports a shootout between Pacer and the NCR has erupted at the train station. The King will ask them to defuse the situation right away.


The Freeside train station appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Freeside train station is based on the real world Union Pacific Station at the end of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.[11]



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