The Freedom Society was a historical preservation and charitable giving association prior to the Great War.


This Society was formed as a charity that also focused on historical preservation. The society met once a month, while the merchants themselves met once a week. At their September 2077 meeting, they voted on three proposals. The first was to amend their charter to emphasize historic preservation as a primary mission over charitable activities. The motion carried, 9-2-3. The second was to consider the Faneuil Hall merchants' proposal for Protectrons to secure its marketplace. Objections were raised on historic preservation grounds and the motion failed unanimously 0-14. The third was to file suit against the new owners of the Old Corner Bookstore due to violations of its historic preservation charter. The motion carried unanimously, 14-0.[1]

At the October 2-8 weekly meeting, the merchants' came to the conclusion that their sales were down three percent relative to the same time last year in 2076. The meeting focused on a perceived shoplifting "crisis." They then discussed Fallon's proposal for the use of Protectrons and the Society's objections to it. The Society issued a veto on historic preservation grounds. At the conclusion of the meeting, the merchants unanimously agreed to detailed inventory tracking to assess the scope of the problem.[2] At the next weekly meeting, the members came to the realization that, despite sales being up by eleven percent due to the Columbus Day holiday, the merchants' inventory report showed net losses of $2,294 for the week, with twelve confirmed shoplifting incidents. Several merchants threatened to sue for breach of contract over security issues, and Fallon's prepared to withdraw immediately.[3] At their next October meeting, with pressure building, the Mayor of Boston insisted that the Protectron installation proceeded despite the society's objections. By this time the Society, whose representatives shrank from fourteen to eleven, also had to allocate funds for roof repairs.[4]

During the week of October 16-22 merchants' meeting, the Society assembled for the final time. After the installation and activation of the Protectrons, Faneuil Hall experienced what could only be described as a massacre. The Protectrons killed seven people, including five alleged shoplifters, one bystander, and a Fallon's cashier. A public relations nightmare followed; sales dropped eighty-one percent. To avoid further media scrutiny, the Society canceled further weekly merchants' meetings.[5]



The Freedom Society is mentioned in Fallout 4.


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