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We want a world lived in by men, they want a graveyard patrolled by robots. It is time we unite to overthrow them and their soulless machines! Watoga belongs to WE THE PEOPLE!— Free Watoga People's Party manifesto

The Free Watoga People's Party was a localist, anti-automation political party in Appalachia before the Great War.


The Free Watoga People's Party was originally formed in 2076 by Scott Turner and two other members. Knowing the small group wouldn't be taken seriously, the trio voted for a name to make it sound like a formidable political movement.[1] Although one of the members expressed their concern with "People's Party" sounding too communist, they respected the group's vote, still having a firm belief in democracy.[2] After 14 drafts, the group completed their manifesto, highlighting the divide between Appalachia's blue-collar workers and Watoga's elite executives while calling for the Appalachians to unite and overthrow the city.[3]

The party's leader temporarily caused chef-bots in Watoga to pepper-bomb prepared dishes, destroying the technology-dependent citizens' food.[4][5] After refusing to accept another member into the group for "not having the stomach for what needs to happen," Turner also began to work on compromising Watoga's robotic emergency service protocols to "begin the revolution."[6][5]

On October 22, 2077, the movement's leader launched Operation Free Watoga, causing the city's robots to malfunction and forcing residents to evacuate. While Turner had only planned to evacuate Watoga to make the elites beg for permission to live in the city again, Watoga's emergency services massacred the citizens as they tried to leave.[7][8][9][10] It is unknown whether the other members initially supported the operation.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

  • Operation Free Watoga, perpetrated by the movement's leader, is the cause of Watoga's hostile robot occupation after the Great War.
  • During the Mayor for a Day side quest, the Residents can find the party leader's hideout and discover a method to temporarily circumvent the effects of Operation Free Watoga.


Free Watoga People's Party appears only in Fallout 76.


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