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Free Watoga! is a paper note in Fallout 76.



We toiled in their fields,
   they let us starve.
We filled their coffers with gold,
   they filled our lungs with sludge.
We broke our backs,
   they broke our hearts.
We told them of our pain,
   they hooked us on their painkillers.
We voted,
   they stole our elections.
We asked for fair wages,
   they bled us dry.
We demanded safe work places,
   they took our jobs away.
We wanted a normal life,
   they foreclosed our American dream.
We were friends,
   they made us suspicious of our neighbors.
We organized,
   they sent us to die in foreign counties.
We proclaimed our humanity,
   they renounced their own.
We wear tired but proud faces of real women and men,
   they hide behind tin can butlers and plastic faces.
We want a world lived in by men,
   they want a graveyard patrolled by robots.
It is time we unite to overthrow them and their soulless machines!

Watoga belongs to WE THE PEOPLE!

The Free Watoga People's Party