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Guide a pack of abandoned Brahmin back home.

Event: Free Range is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.

Quick walkthrough[]

Event quest: Free Range 
Take the shepherd's crook from the Mr. Farmhand's body. 
Use the crook to herd the brahmin along the designated route. 
Defend the brahmin from various waves of enemies. 
Defend the brahmin from the Sheepsquatch
Reward: 50 caps, 400 XP, random Sheepsquatch plan. 

Detailed walkthrough[]

The event is simple enough in the primary objective: Three stray brahmin need to be escorted back home to their farm that they strayed away from. Use the Shepherd's crook recovered from the Mr. Handy/Mr. Farmhand, or one the players already have in their inventory, to get the brahmin to move, and later to get them to temporarily run to get to the destination faster. At one point, a Sheepsquatch howl will be heard, and one of the brahmin will separate from the other two and need to be recovered after scampering off in fear some distance from the road they were being escorted down. However, the way is littered with various enemies who will target the brahmin and attack them. If they all die before reaching the destination, the event is failed. As long as one survives, the event is completed. However, while most enemies can be easily dealt with by multiple player characters working together to protect the brahmin, the final obstacle before completing the event is dealing with one or more legendary Sheepsquatch that will be the final threat to the brahmin after possibly dealing with a yao guai or two beforehand. Due to the Sheepsquatch having very high health and defense, it could be the difference between keeping all three brahmin alive, or walking away with fewer rewards if one is slain by the Sheepsquatch, especially if the Sheepsquatch uses its ranged, large-radius attack to hit all the surviving brahmin at once. Once the Sheepsquatch is slain, the event is completed, and rewards are given based on how many brahmin survived.

The event will randomly start at one of three locations: The Forest, Savage Divide, or The Mire, with the destination being either Aaronholt homestead, Beckwith farm, or Delano grange, which also have varying levels of difficulty based on where the event icon appears on the map and the hostile creatures confronted on the way to the destination point, including wolves, bloodbugs, bloatflies, radtoads, mongrels, and near the end, the aforementioned yao guai and Sheepsquatch boss enemy.


Bad performance Good performance Best performance

*Received only if shepherd's crook plan already learned
†Received only if shepherd's crook plan not already learned

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Loot the Shepherd's CrookI found a pack of abandoned Brahmin on the road. The out-of-commission Mr. Farmhand that was in charge of them has a Shepherd's Crook and some instructions on how to herd them. Using the power of the Crook, I could get these Brahmin home.
? Herd the Brahmin to <Alias=EventLoc>
? <Alias=Actor_Brahmin_01>
? <Alias=Actor_Brahmin_02>
? <Alias=Actor_Brahmin_03>
?Quest finishedDefend the Brahmin!


  • Once the brahmin are escorted to the final location, a Sheepsquatch will be spawned and must be defeated to complete the event.
  • Completing the event with all three brahmin still alive will yield the highest tiered rewards possible. If a single brahmin dies, the chances of receiving a plan as a reward drop drastically.
  • The brahmin cannot be damaged by friendly fire from player characters, however attacks from enemies or explosions can injure them.
  • Three brahmin need to be escorted, their names are selected between Bessie, Bourbon, Dahlia, Daisy, Dandy, Duke, Earl, Esmeralda, Grognak, Homer, Humphry, Nuka-Cowla, Penelope, Sampson and Sugar Bomb.
  • Sometimes, the brahmin may leave the herd to attack hostiles. However, as the enemies the party has to face can tear through their health pools in no time, this can render the event significantly more difficult to complete.
  • Starting at Groves family cabin makes for the easiest completion of the event, due to its location being in the Forest, with the only serious threat being the Sheepsquatch that spawns close to the brahmin's pen, making it easy to lose brahmin to the Sheepsquatch.
  • The recipe for tasty mutton meat pies is guaranteed upon completion, every time the event is completed.