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The door has sealed, the elevator has left. Even Vera's voice will not unlock it. Know that on the night of the Gala Event I shall raise my glass and whisper, "Fortunato"."Sinclair's Personal Accounts" entry on Sierra Madre Vault terminal

Frederick Sinclair was a pre-War businessman. He founded and owned the Sierra Madre casino in 2077 and was affiliated in some capacity with Big MT.


Sinclair was a wealthy businessman with a boastful and egotistical disposition who suffered many crippling financial losses in the 2070s. Nonetheless, he managed to hold on to the remainder of his fortune and expand it. He then remained obsessed with security for years to come.[1]

He was a major client of the Big MT think tank, which developed much of his technology.[2][3][4][5]

At some point before the Great War, despite not being among Big MT's executives[6], for some reason it was Sinclair who represented it at a meeting at a Vault-Tec building in Los Angeles with corporate executives Barb Howard, Julia Masters, Bud Askins, Leon Von Felden and Robert House. There he learned about the secretive Vault experiments.[7]

Sinclair was friends with Dean Domino, who introduced Vera Keyes to him. From that moment, he fell in love with the starlet.[8][9][10]

The Sierra Madre Casino & Resort was to be his ultimate gift to her,[11] a shelter from the inevitable nuclear war with China that he predicted was to come, its vault serving as a bunker. But, events did not pan out the way he had hoped.[12] Dean Domino introduced Sinclair to Vera Keyes, with whom Domino once had a torrid affair if the tabloid press was to be believed. Sinclair was suspicious, and rightly so.[11]

Sinclair discovered evidence of a plot by Domino and Vera that involved breaking into the casino vault and taking the treasures that lay within.[11] Sinclair set about preparing a trap, and had the builders design the casino so that the vault, once accessed, would be impossible to escape.[13][14] Vera eventually confessed her betrayal to him, overcome by guilt, and Sinclair decided enough was enough, and it was time that the casino returned to its original purpose.[12]

Although he no longer loved her and he was left hollow by her betrayal, Sinclair could not bear to condemn her to death after hearing her confession, so he returned to the vault and removed the entry intended for her, replacing it with an apology. Subsequently, Sinclair attempted to jury rig the shelter's electronics to remove the trap by directly accessing them from the pipes,[12] but due to a leak in the system, he succumbed to a poison cloud. All that remains is the trap itself and a message to Dean Domino that he left behind.


  • Sinclair's skeletal remains can be found lying on a set of pipes next to his duffle bag just outside the Sierra Madre vault.
    • If one approaches the corpse, the heading will say "The Founder's Remains", which confirms it is, in fact, Sinclair.
    • The Founder's Remains is a container, although it has nothing inside it.[15]
  • His bag contains a Nikola Tesla and You skill book.
  • Sinclair is mentioned in numerous terminals across the Big MT as most of his technology was being developed there.[2][3][4][5]
  • Sinclair was nostalgic for the Art Deco era, which factored into the design and aesthetic of the Sierra Madre.[16]


  • While in Dead Money Sinclair is stated to merely be a client of Big MT, in the Fallout TV series his characterization differs from the game, and he is shown to be the company's representative at a secret meeting at Vault-Tec. His exact relationship with the company and his role within it is currently unclear.
  • His appearance in the TV show is very different from how it is depicted in Dead Money. However, given that he is only shown there on a mural, this might be explained by the mural showing him as he looked like in his youth, rather than what his actual appearance was in the 2070s. Furthermore, his characterization from Dead Money is also at odds with how he acts in the TV series, willingly putting forth ideas for Vault experiments.
  • Chris Avellone, the project director on Dead Money, publicly questioned the depiction of Sinclair in the TV series, saying that Sinclair's physical appearance on-screen "didn't really mesh with his appearance in the Sierra Madre," appearing to indicate that the original intention was for the Dead Money mural to be an accurate portrayal of Sinclair. Avellone also said that Sinclair representing Big MT was "weird" and disputed his characterization as someone who would participate in a meeting advocating for cruel experimentation.[Non-game 1]


Frederick Sinclair appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money as a skeleton and is mentioned in the add-on Old World Blues. He also appears in a pre-War scene in the Fallout TV series episode "The Beginning."

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