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Frederick Gibbons is a feral ghoul reaver in 2287, found at Cranberry Island Bog.


Frederick Gibbons was a farmer and member of the Gibbons family. He became trapped (along with his wife Victoria, father-in-law Patrick and his son Steven) in the Cranberry Island Bog bunker after the machinery controlling the door was broken.[citation needed] He can be found and fought if the Sole Survivor fixes the machinery and opens the bunker door.[citation needed]

Missing from the bunker is his daughter Eliza Gibbons, who was off to a Halloween party when the bombs fell.[citation needed] In addition, Nathaniel Gibbons, his other son, went missing before the bombs fell, though it was not uncommon for him to be gone a lot.[1]

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Frederick Gibbons appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.