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Freddy Fear's House of Scares is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia.


Freddy Fear's House of Scares was a pre-War store specializing in Halloween costumes. Since the Great War, the store has fallen into disrepair, but is still accessible.[1]


The shop is small, with the waffle house on one end and the Halloween store on the other. In the middle, behind level 1 doors, is the kitchen and maintenance area. The kitchen contains the location's steamer trunk and two recipe spawn points. Up the emergency exit in the back is the roof, which contains another recipe spawn point and cooking station on the part over the waffle house.

There is a locked door on a shack on the building's roof. Under the door is a note regarding an unmarked quest line which once completed gives access to the Alien blaster rounds at TNT dome #2. The door is unlocked using the rusted key, which is located in a submerged safe in a pond near a ruined house west of Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and southeast of Graninger farm.

The open body of the safe is near the middle of the pond, while the door to the safe can be seen by the rubble of the ruined house at the northwestern edge of the pond. The same safe contains the alien blaster. Under the locked door is a note titled stolen terminal passcode which originally comes from Mike Greene's terminal on the top floor of the apartments in Morgantown.

Notable loot

  • Leaving town - Note, under the door of the locked room on the roof.
  • The plan - Note, on the corpse of Zack, inside the hallway connecting the costume shop to the restaurant.
  • Stolen terminal passcode - Inside the locked room on the roof.
  • Utility key - Next to a corpse on the roof. It is on the mattress under the corpse's left arm.
  • Two potential workshop plans:
    • On a square wooden crate to the right of Zack's corpse (might be submerged within the crate, yet still visible).
    • On the roof, underneath a corpse on a mattress, to the right.
  • Three potential recipes:
    • Two on the counters in the kitchen.
    • One on the roof next to the cooking station.
  • Mr. Handy model - Inside the locked room on the roof, on a middle metal shelf next to a broken terminal, in-between board game boxes.
  • Halloween costume witch hat - On a box on the lower middle shelf.
  • Halloween costume skull hat - On the front counter, in an open display case next to the cash register.
  • Two pairs of a clown outfit and clown hat:
    • Outfit and hat on the lower right shelf.
    • Outfit on the counter underneath the Halloween sign decoration. Hat on a pumpkin to the left.


The front sign varies from those seen in previous games. "Sock Hop Susie" now reads "Sack Hop Suriel," and the names of both "Vampire" and "Red Chinese Invader" differ, now reading as "Vampiae" and "Red Chinese Insadea."


Freddy Fear's House of Scares appears in Fallout 76.



  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p. 452 FREDDY FEAR'S HOUSE OF SCARES
    "On the edge of the tangled forest is an odd little Halloween store, filled with strange junk. Choose the front, rear, or fire escape entrances, with another entrance on the roof (key). The waffle diner has a floor safe, while the store has one on the wall. Find the Rusted Key (all the way in Toxic Valley!) to enter the rooftop bedroom, which has a collection of board games and military-grade junk."
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