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Freddy's Adventures are three paper notes in Fallout 76.


All three notes can be found at Grafton Dam during Cold Case.

  • Note #1 is in a sack on top of some machinery on the bottom floor of the main building.
  • Note #2 is in a desk with a hard hat and chessboard on top.
  • Note #3 is in a cabinet next to a cart and shelf.


Freddy's Adventures #1

Freddy's Secrets!

Uncle Otis got me a Grognak game!!! He's so cool. We got to get inside the dam.

Uncle Otis said he was getting us food. I hope he gets pizza. PIZZA is cool!!!! I got some candies from a desk. Hahahaha! Free candies. I climbed and hid them. They are ALLLLLLLLL mine.

Bobby is gonna be jellus. Uncle Otis lets me do stuff. We farted in the tubes here and the stinky ones got a prize. I WON!!! I'm the best.


Freddy's Adventures #2

FO76 Grafton Dam (Freddy's Adventures 2).png

MORE secret stuff!

Uncle Otis got my candies and took them. He says my teeth is gonna rot out! NO fair. Unkle Otis got gross food. He is all mad now and stopped bein fun. I want to go home and play with my rifle. BAM! BAM! I am a good shooter. I got a rat but now it is dead and no fun.


I am gonna get him. I want to go home and he says NO! I want candies and he says NO! I want to fart in the tube and he says NO! I am gonna make traps like Pioneer Scouts said to do in the woods and catch Uncle Otis becuz I'm the GREATEST!!

Freddy's Adventures #3

FO76 Grafton Dam (Freddy's Adventures 3).png


It worked!!!! Uncle Otis got his foot in my trap and slipped where I put the oil. He is so mad and yellin at me. He is stuck up side down now. Hahahahaha. I showed him!!!

I'm goin' home.