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Fred Tatasciore is an American actor who voiced Tabitha, Rhonda, the tour guide, Mr. Janitor and Mister Handies in Fallout: New Vegas. He also voiced Doctor Orderly MD PHD DDS, Sparks and the Mister Orderly in Old World Blues. He voiced Billy Seevers, Daniel Hornwright, Fortney, Chef Milo, and other rough male voices in Fallout 76. In its update Wastelanders, he voiced Oliver Fields, Dylan Rhodes, Hal Gleeson, and the slaver patron, as well as providing additional voices.


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2010Fallout: New VegasTabitha
Tour guide
Mr. Janitor
Mister Handies
2011Old World BluesDoctor Orderly MD PHD DDS
Mister Orderly
2018Fallout 76Billy Seevers
Daniel Hornwright
Chef Milo
"Rough males"
2020WastelandersCaptain Fields
Dylan Rhodes
Hal Gleeson
Slaver patron
Raider (The Foundation plan)
Additional voices

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2006Gears of WarDamon Baird
2007No More HeroesDr. Shake
2008Metal Gear Solid 4Beauty & Beast Corps (male)
2008Left 4 DeadTank / Boomer
2009Left 4 Dead 2Tank / Boomers
2009Batman: Arkham AsylumBane
200998 / Radio Announcer
2009Mass EffectSaren Arterius
2009MadWorldVon Twirlenkiller / The Shamans / Big Long Driller
2010Alpha ProtocolHenry Leland / Ali Shaheed / Terrorists
2010No More Heroes 2: Desperate StruggleDr. Letz Shake
2009Batman: Arkham CityBane / Solomon Grundy
2012Kid Icarus UprisingMagnus / Poseidon
2013Injustice: Gods Among UsBane / Solomon Grundy
2015Mortal Kombat XTorr / Tremor
2015King's QuestOlfie / Stone Goblin
2016OverwatchJack Morrison / Soldier 76
2017Injustice 2Bane / Swamp Thing
2017Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2Jack
2019Call of Duty: Modern WarfareAdditional Voices
2020Final Fantasy VII RemakeDon Corneo
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