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This is a transcript for dialogue with Fred Radcliff.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 004058D0 004058FB Uhh... the high points are that it's a facility full of people who were smart enough to know better... but somehow didn't.
2 You know how sometimes their robots go nuclear when damaged? That's by design. That's on purpose. Think about that. Most were made for civilian use.
3 In what world does that make sense? A fucked up one.
4 004058D1 00405919 What, do I need to politely ask you to not shoot me, too? I am not going to knowingly endanger either of us, don't worry. Especially not myself. a bit mock hurt/incredulous initially
5 004058D2 004058FF It'll be fun. Forget the theme parks. There's nothing like scavenging a research center.
6 004058D4 004058FD No, I'm going to meet you there and hold your hand. Fields and Thompson are going to sit around here doing nothing.
7 004058D5 0040590E Seeing as we have a good feeling about you, I say we work together on this one.
8 004058D6 00405907 We're dealing with RobCo's semi-autonomous immobile weapon platform, only used for special government procurement. Love both talking about tech and showing off
9 Extra thick ballistic shielding plus reflective paneling, internal temperature regulation. Even has built-in air fresheners. last part is a joke
10 But can your new buddy Radcliff beat them? Of course he can. Just need a little help from the source.
17 004058DD 00405908 I mean, I give anyone who doesn't shoot at us bonus points, so checks out to me. joking but seriously though
52 00405C7D 00405C84 The entire research team jarred their brains? Whoa. I wonder how that went over. reading a terminal detailing the experiment
53 Good news for us, though, right? Just need to get one of them up and running. Maybe a nervous chuckle after "right?" ---Someone else died but at least it wasn't us?
54 00405C7E 00405C81 Look at that! Just needs a brain. Uh... clarification: I'm not volunteering. Couldn't work my magic with those pincers, anyway. you and the player find an intact robobrain with the brain missing
55 They've probably got some brains in storage somewhere. That seems like a very "them" thing to do. joking, but also creeped out because it's probably accurate
56 00405C7F 00405C83 Here we go. The skunk works. Failed prototypes. Designs gone wrong. We've died and gone to heaven.
57 00405C80 00405C82 Hey, you're not dead! I owe Thompson a cold one. meeting up with the player at the research center
58 Remember, we're looking for military research projects. General rule: they keep the good stuff in the back.
61 00407EFC 00407F22 Phew. Let's rendezvous back at the home base. This place is giving me the creeps. player has the tools you need
62 00407EFD 00407F1F Just grab them and let's go. I don't want to stick around for any more of her improvements.
66 00407F01 00407F1A No, easy is good. We like easy.
67 00407F02 00407F18 What we need are a set of tools... but not just any set of tools! No, merely hijacking the command communication signals would be too easy! lost in thought as you work at a manic pace
68 00407F03 00407F19 Is she, uh, did she just cackle maniacally?
77 00407F0E 00407F1E You think when we wake this research person up, they'll be... well, what I mean to say is... are they gonna try to kill us?
78 If I woke up and my mind was in a fish bowl, and my beautiful body was suddenly a trash can on treads, I might freak out a little bit. rambling a bit
79 00407F0F 00407F21 They were smart enough to write the settings down at least. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out which number goes where. you and the player find scattered notes around the lab
83 00407F11 00407F29 I don't think this thing's going to work without a brain jar placed on it. brain prep station can't prep a brain if you don't add a brain, silly player
84 00407F2A It needs a brain. Come on. Should be obvious. brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound because player didn't add a brain to it
85 00407F2B Sounds like we tripped a failsafe. Guess that wasn't the right setting? Try again? brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound
86 00407F2C Nope. That wasn't it either. brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound
87 00407F2D Well, now you're just messing with me. brain prep station just made a loud buzzing sound
88 00407F12 00407F14 Is that a stovetop? It looks like a stovetop. You sure we're not sous chefs in some kind of weird zombie cooking show pilot? you and the player enter a brain cleaning area, and the prep station looks like a stovetop
89 Normally, I'm all about randomly fiddling the dials, but considering this brain is a limited resource, we better find some instructions first. how the heck do you cook a brain anyway? did it come with instructions on the box?
90 00407F13 00407F15 So... whose brain do we nab? The person in charge would be an obvious pick, but speaking as an old "boot on the ground", it never hurts to look one or two rungs down the ladder. you and the player enter the storage room with the brains in jars
91 0040C6E8 0040C6ED We got the crew and the equipment. All that's left is to get to work. You let me know when you're ready, because once we start it's gonna be real noisy.
96 0056BE8A 0056BEA6 Because I'm criminally overdue for a promotion?
97 0056BE8B 0056BEA4 You and I are going to meet up at the RobCo Research Center down near Watoga. See if we can find the equipment I need to bust through those turrets.
98 And we better hope we do, because my only backup plan is politely asking the turrets to not shoot us, and that never goes well.
100 0056BE8D 0056BE9D That got dark.
110 0056BE97 0056BEA7 Shutting my trap, sir. falsely chipper maybe, mildly chagrined. Speaking to someone next to you
112 0056BE99 0056BEA9 What the hell, are they like giant bats or not? Ants and bats combined? Bants? joking nervously to people standing around nearby, maybe to yourself a bit
118 0056BEE0 0056BF0A Let's grab the tools and go. I don't want to stick around in case this guy cracks. Or cracks more. I don't want to see his crack. stage whisper to your friend nearby, nervous joking
119 0056BEE1 0056BF1D I do not know, but I sense you're going to... Getting cut-off as someone starts talking again
120 0056BEE2 0056BF0F Hey man... so the tools... can you get to making those tools? trying to sound calm and upbeat while talking to a scary person
121 0056BEE3 0056BF02 Hey, practice makes perfect! trying to sound calm and upbeat while talking to a scary person
127 0056BEE9 0056BF08 Uh, alright. Feel better, maybe? Or just keep staring into the meaningless maw of existence. creeped out but making light of it
128 Gina? Oh, she's doing it. She's all in. creeped out but making light of it
129 Let's get out of here. Bye Gina! creeped out but making light of it
131 0056BEEB 0056BF0B Good, easy is good! We like easy.
133 0056BEED 0056BF10 Yeah, see there's a bright side to everything, right? How bout those tools? maybe a nervous laugh if it feels right
138 0056BEF1 0056BF2F Ohhhh. Uh... I can't be seen with someone who doesn't have the correct access for this level... oh no!
139 Oh god! They're going to put my brain in a jar for this! If they find out we were here together-and you shouldn't be here-but you are! Oh god, oh god. panic spiral
150 0056BEFA 0056BF16 I hate this place. What can I possibly help you with? I'm just a useless intern.
164 005856E8 00585715 Smell that? Opportunity!
165 ... and also ... shorted out electronics.
166 00585716 Hmm, I'll have to come back for that later. ... musing to yourself about salvage
167 00585717 Well? Lead on. I've got your six.
168 00585718 This place gives me the creeps. *shudders audibly* Desk jobs.
169 00585719 What's up? You hear something? not entirely serious
170 0058571B This place is disgusting, Captain.
171 0058571C Hey, Lucky, that's not okay buddy. Oh wait, that's just flooding. Sorry, Lucky. thought the dog peed inside, but nah the bunker's just got leaky pipes
172 0058571D What's that smell?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 0041CB71 0041CB85 Seconded.
6 0041CB74 0041CB7D It's almost like she is mad at that wall.
7 0055DE4B It's nice when things go according to plan.
8 0055DE4C This just got weird.
23 0041FF16 0041FF4F You have to move just right. emphasize and draw out "just"
25 0041FF18 0041FF55 You're just like Goldilocks. You can't move too fast or too slow.
28 0041FF1A 0041FF3D All you have to do is walk through it. What's the problem?
32 0041FF2D 0041FF54 Yeah. She talks. We know that already.
34 0041FF2F 0041FF4C Seriously? Bust. Through. The. Wall. That's all you need to say.
37 0041FF32 0041FF4A Mole Miners. Any tunnel in Appalachia those things don't have infested? just fought off some Mole Miners in the tunnel
39 0041FF34 0041FF51 What the hell are they digging for? And why are they so pissed off about it? Emphasize "for"
42 0041FF37 0041FF3B Damn. Look at this. How far does this go? entering the gigantic tunnel that Motherlode has just dug out
44 0041FF39 0041FF5C I never like putting any faith in a machine I couldn't take apart myself.
47 004211EE 004211F2 What are you waiting for? Find a way to turn off this laser grid.
49 00424432 0042446E I'm going to the overseer's office. I think I can open that door from there.
50 00424433 0042446C You and Jen should set up by the door in case there is something waiting on the other side.
52 00424435 00424461 I guess those tools we made packed a punch. Uh... flashlights? you triggered an explosion which took out the laser turrets but also the lights
53 00562150 Ha! Take that you hunks of junk.
54 I told you I could tame those turrets.
55 00562151 Turrets are off. For a second I thought I could turn them to our side, but no such luck.
59 00424437 0042447F Opening the door must have reset them.
60 I'm patching into the grid! Shorting the electrical grid should overload the banks. shouting; laser turrets are opening fire
64 0042443E 00424471 Just stand back and watch the magic happen.
67 00424441 00424482 Hey, no problem. We almost died. That's all.
73 0042445A 00424467 More robots! shouting; in combat
76 0055C266 0055C26A Copy that. Locked and loaded.
87 0055F1B6 0055F1C3 Motherlode made a hell of a racket. So much for the element of surprise.
88 0055F1C4 When we find the turrets, cover me while I disarm them.
96 00562144 0056214B You should take cover though. Just in case.
97 00562145 00562149 Okay, turrets disabled... I'm opening the door now.
99 00562147 0056214A Oops? What do you mean oops?! Oops is bad.
104 00569964 00569968 These must be on a different circuit.
110 00570D5B 00570D62 Hey! What am I? Chopped liver?
114 00586E56 00586E59 Just once I'd like a mission to send me through an empty field on a sunny day.
120 0059D121 0059D124 We had an idea of what to expect up until now. Inside there, who knows.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
130 005526D4 0059C5A3 Hey. I guess that's it, huh?
183 00567480 00567497 For a minute I thought you would turn your back on Foundation.
184 00567498 What!? We had a deal. Foundation needs that gold.
185 00567481 0056748F A man's life hangs in the balance.
186 00567482 00567495 He has a point.
187 00567483 00567490 A bit of luck doesn't hurt either.
191 00567488 00567492 A ghoul!
192 00567489 0056748D I don't trust it.
195 0056748C 00567494 There are people down here!
197 0056B641 0056B646 It looks like the main vault is still sealed off. This is some sort of measuring or counting room.
198 There are still a lot of bullion bars here though. This is still a big win for Foundation.
365 0059E0C6 0059E141 Yeah, you can never be too careful, I guess. She could go at any minute. I'm going to talk to Paige about making her leave.
366 0059E0C8 0059E140 That doesn't make a lick of sense. If she's not dangerous, then that guy wasn't dangerous. Nah, I'll just ... keep my guard up just in case.
367 0059E0D7 0059E0E8 Yeah, see you around buddy. offhand/casual, you'll see them tomorrow
368 0059E0D8 0059E0E5 Definitely. We all need a vacation ... or just retirement. Fields needs retirement, for sure.
369 He might not look as old as he is, but that's just all the preservatives in the junk food we've been living off of.
370 I'd really like to settle down and get an idyllic farm somewhere around here. Bristling with weapons, of course, but also you know ... idyllic.
371 0059E0D9 0059E0F3 Nobody got killed, either. Not a bad day. Even that ghoul made it, despite my dumb ass. I thought about it and you're right, you know? apologetic at the end
372 I was letting my fear take ahold of me, and it was stupid. ...
373 Dammit, stop trying to make me a better person. Feeling things sucks. I just want more jokes and less feelings, okay? amused/kidding but also kinda annoyed
374 0059E13F Nobody got killed, either. Well, except for that ghoul, and I can't complain about that.
375 I'm not really happy we have a ghoul back in Foundation, just waiting to turn on us. But I guess I just need to keep on sleeping with my gun handy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
13 00570D5E 0042AFDE I sure do like this bunker more than the last bunker. It has a fresher smell.
14 0042AFDF No offense to Fields and Thompson, but I'm thinking about retiring to one of those farmsteads. Grow some crops, take naps, escape Lucky's drool.
33 00555E50 That outfit is just bad. Bad ass that is! So sweet.
34 00555E51 Don't tell Thompson, but I give Lucky scraps. That dog has earned them for all he does for us.
35 00555E52 Fields is all over my ass to upgrade our turrets.
36 I gave him some line about needing to refraternize the dongle generators. He bought it! Ha ha. Laugh after the lines.
37 00555E53 Last time out, I found some sweet new circuit boards.
38 00555E55 Don't mind Captain Fields. He's just sore there isn't an army any more.
39 00555E56 You are the bomb! What you did for us, I don't know how we can repay you.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
284 0059F4F6 0055F1C2 I wish we could have spared a few more fighters.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
93 0058F93D 0058F946 This whole operation is shot without Doctor Hornwright. I hope she shows up soon. Concerned
94 0058F947 The goal line's in sight, just got to stay sharp.
95 0058F948 Doctor Hornwright's essential to this whole op. So why isn't she here?
96 0058F949 Air's a little thick down here. Musty. Earthy maybe. Dank? Feel like I'm using up all my good adjectives.
101 0058F951 The goal line's in sight, just got to stay sharp.
102 0058F953 Air's a little thick down here. Musty. Earthy maybe. Dank? Feel like I'm using up all my good adjectives.