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Fred is a man met during the Self Admitted Synth random encounter. Together with Angie, he is holding Jules, a synth, at gunpoint.


By the time the Sole Survivor meets Fred, he states that Angie and he have been traveling for weeks with Jules, who felt secure enough to reveal his true identity to them.

Shocked and angered, Fred holds Jules at gunpoint and threatens to kill him, fearing that the runaway synth would send the Institute after them.[1] Jules is being held at gunpoint the whole time and tries to convince Fred to free him so he could go to Bunker Hill.

It is up to the Sole Survivor to decide Jules' fate. One can choose between:

  • Kill both Fred and Angie when first talked to.
  • Refuse to get involved in the situation, which will result in Fred killing Jules right away.
  • Try to negotiate with them or ask what is happening will make them reveal their history. After Fred's speech, there are four options:
    • Kill the synth.
    • (Charisma check) Convince them that they will anger the Institute if they kill Jules.
    • (Charisma check) Threaten Fred and Angie, which will make them hostile.
    • (Charisma check) Convince them that if Jules wanted to hurt them, he would have done this already. If the persuasion attempt succeeds, Angie will agree with the player character and Jules will be freed.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in random encounters.

Self Admitted Synth

Effects of player's actions

The Sole Survivor can choose to attack Fred and Angie, or pass a medium check letting Jules flee to safety.


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Fred appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. Fred's dialogue - Line 16:"You think I'm stupid? You're just gonna run off and get your Institute buddies to come put us down. That ain't happening, pal."
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