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The Frank Horrigan desert encounter design doc refers to the short summary of the first random encounter with Frank Horrigan in Fallout 2. It is an old fragment of a design doc, released by Chris Avellone as part of Fallout Bible 4 on February 25, 2002.



Where: On the WorldMap as a Random Encounter

When: 5th week of gameplay.

The player stumbles upon Horrigan and a number of Enclave guards interrogating an old man and his family. Horrigan says that if the old man does not come with them quietly then things will get very ugly. The old man refuses and says that he will not use his knowledge for him or his bosses. Horrigan retorts that if he does not change his mind then he and his family will not see another sunrise. The old man refuses again.

Float (Horrigan) : "Old man, you WILL come with us."

Float (Old Man) : "Leave us alone. I will never support the cause of your superiors."

Float (Horrigan) : "I will not ask you again. Come now, or you will be made an example of."

Float (Old Man) : "I would rather what knowledge I have disappear with me into the grave."

Float (Horrigan) : "So be it. Kill them all." [Have him turn to face to the right and left]

Float (Old Man) : "NO!!!"

All of the Enclave guards then open up on members of the family and Horrigan fries the old man - with this special punch or shot.

When they are dead the player is given control back. Horrigan then says to the player that he would be wise to turn around and walk back the way he came. Horrigan and his group then turn away from the player and walk towards the side of the map.

Float (Horrigan) : "This is none of your affair. Turn around and walk away."

If the player attacks (if possible) Horrigan will give the player one warning and say that doing such a thing again would be inadvisable.

Float (Horrigan) : "That was ill advised, but I will overlook it due to your obvious ineptitude. I will not do so again."