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You've gotten a lot farther than you should have, but then you haven't met Frank Horrigan either. Your ride's over, mutie. Time to die.— Frank to the Chosen One

Special Agent Frank Horrigan is a super mutant and an agent of the Enclave's Secret Service in 2241.[2][3] He serves as the final boss of Fallout 2.

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What caused Frank Horrigan's reassignment to wasteland patrol duty? toggle section
Frank Horrigan, once a bodyguard for President Dick Richardson, was reassigned to wasteland patrol following an undisclosed psychotic incident. His time in the wasteland involved undergoing experiments that amplified his strength and size, effectively turning him into a living weapon. This role also included field testing a new Power Armor variant tailored to his enhanced physique.
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What is the significance of Frank Horrigan's encounter with the Forced Evolutionary? toggle section
Frank Horrigan, an Enclave Secret Service member, encountered the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) and was returned to the Enclave Oil Rig base for research. The scientists' experiments turned him into a super mutant, more potent than any other. His life-supporting armor suit also made him a living weapon. However, the Chosen One ended his plans by destroying him and the oil rig.
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What role does Frank Horrigan play in the Enclave's Secret Service? toggle section
Special Agent Frank Horrigan, a key figure in the Enclave's Secret Service, is known for his missions in the wasteland, including eliminating Brotherhood outpost personnel and carrying out state-sanctioned assassinations. Subjected to experiments, he became a super mutant, and was equipped with a life-supporting armor, transforming him into a formidable living weapon. He also served as a presidential bodyguard.
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How does Frank Horrigan's super mutant status affect his abilities and role in Fallout 2? toggle section
Frank Horrigan, the final boss in Fallout 2, is a unique super mutant due to extensive scientific modifications to his DNA. A new version of Power Armor was created for him due to his size. The Enclave utilized him as a field operative, deploying him for tests against wasteland populations. His mutation renders him resistant to serums that would impact regular super mutants.
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What is the backstory of Frank Horrigan's transformation into a super mutant? toggle section
Frank Horrigan, an Enclave Secret Service member, was transformed into a super mutant through extensive scientific modifications to his DNA and physiology. The Enclave conducted painful experiments on him at their Oil Rig base, making him larger and stronger than any other mutant. Once the scientists had gleaned all possible knowledge, they encased him in a power armor suit that doubled as his life support, turning him into a formidable living weapon.
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Frank Horrigan was born in 2211.[Non-game 1] A huge brick of a man,[4] he used to serve as the personal bodyguard of President Dick Richardson until an undocumented psychotic blunder caused him to be reassigned to wasteland patrol duty.[5][Non-game 3] It was on one of those wasteland expeditions that he came into contact with the Forced Evolutionary Virus at the Mariposa Military Base and started mutating into a super mutant. The Enclave decided to send him to the Oil Rig for study.[Non-game 4]

For two years, Horrigan was operated upon, and studied by the Enclave scientists while he gradually mutated into a super mutant, both physically and mentally. Col. Dr. Charles Curling used him as a guinea pig for experiments with his modified strains of FEV, considering the result somewhat successful.[6] He was kept under heavy sedation and only allowed to be conscious for short periods of time, during which several violent incidents ocurred.[Non-game 5] Viewed as a "genetically engineered freak" by his own men, he had been experimented upon and underwent so many changes to his DNA and physiology that he could be described as a one of a kind mutant, becoming more machine than man.[5][Non-game 6]

When tests began to run dry in January 2239, the Enclave decided that it was time to redeploy him as a field operative. He was fitted with a custom-engineered set of power armor powered by a back-mounted supersized microfusion reactor,[Non-game 7] and after a few successful field tests, he was assigned to his new role.[Non-game 8][Non-game 9] Armed with a hardened composite blade for close combat and an experimental, prototype plasma gun,[Non-game 7] he was the single deadliest combatant in New California, save perhaps the Chosen One. The Enclave ensured his utter loyalty; they took advantage of his low intelligence, further damaged by the FEV, to reinforce his pre-existing loyalty to the presidency and the armed forces by running various conditioning programs on him, ordered under a presidential directive.[Non-game 10]

Exposure to FEV and subsequent experiments made him bigger, stronger and faster than any other super mutant. His armor continually injects him with drugs and other stablizing agents, and is the only thing keeping him alive.[Non-game 11] He was also fitted with several cybernetic enhancements, including arm control mechanisms, leg rotator mechanisms, and a bionic eye.[7] Despite his appearance, Horrigan didn't consider himself a mutant, referring to other wastelanders as "muties" instead.[8] He was a mutant only to the Enclave scientists, mostly referred to as an "experiment." Among soldiers, he was considered a curiosity built by the science team, a freak that few were willing to accompany on missions in the field.[Non-game 10]

Horrigan was extensively deployed to the wasteland, tasked with resolving any situations that may affect the Enclave. He indulged his sadistic streak, and the manner in which he killed "mutants" was brutal enough to give lasting nightmares to the Enclave troops supporting him.[9] None lasted more than 60 seconds, allegedly.[10]

One such assassination occurred on August 30, 2241,[11] he was tasked with hunting down and recruiting an elderly farmer whose knowledge could prove dangerous, killing him without a second thought when the man refused. The Chosen One had the dubious privilege of witnessing the execution. Horrigan spared him and merely left, a costly mistake in hindsight.[12] He also killed Matthew at the San Francisco Brotherhood bunker following his acquisition of Vertibird plans.[13]

However, he met his match in the fall of 2242,[Non-game 2] at the hands of the Chosen One. When they invaded Control Station Enclave and destroyed its computer, triggering a meltdown, Horrigan personally secured the exit to the PMV Valdez, to prevent them from leaving the oil rig.[14] In the ensuing fight, Horrigan was mortally wounded. Damage to his systems was too extensive and he was bisected at the waist.[15] However, this mortal wound didn't kill him instantly. Horrigan still managed to get up on his hands and taunt the Chosen One for the last time, telling them he had activated the self-destruct program and that they would all die in a "big ol' mushroom cloud sendoff."[16] After reciting his oath, he collapsed as the internal pressure blew his head clean off.[17]


Horrigan has 999 HP and is equipped with two unique weapons normally unobtainable: an End Boss plasma gun and an End Boss knife. He is also very fast, having a great amount of AP, and is able to attack several times per round. If his weapons are disabled (either due to running out of ammo or if his eyes or limbs are crippled by repeated aimed shots), Horrigan will engage in hand-to-hand combat with his enemies to the death. Normally, he continually fires his gun until he runs out of ammo, at which point he resorts to his knife.

Additionally, Horrigan's armor grants him high resistance against small arms fire, explosions and laser and plasma bolts, but is somewhat vulnerable to electricity. It's marginally better than the standard advanced power armor used by regular Enclave troopers.

This special cybernetic armor cannot be bypassed even by critical hits, which makes him extremely hard to kill, even relative to his high number of Hit Points.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character has a talking head.
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  • Stop the Enclave: After disabling the reactor computer to destroy the Enclave Oil Rig, Horrigan will appear at the exit to the dock. The Chosen One must fight and kill him, as the exit door will not open and the exit grid will not appear until he's killed. Once defeated, he will engage in dialogue, without legs and crawling on his arms, before dying.
    • The mutagenic serum does not work on Horrigan.
    • Horrigan's personal weapons can be obtained either by killing him and positioning an NPC in the same hex he was standing in when he died (eg. Granite's squad), killing them, and then looting both. His armor is not obtainable in any way, as it is not a discrete item: The damage thresholds, resistances, and armor class are part of Horrigan's base proto.
  • Though he has placeholder graphics for both reactions, Horrigan is the only character with a talking head that cannot be impressed or made furious.
  • When killed, he appears as a new entry in the Pip-Boy 2000 kills section. His section is named "Big Bad Boss Kills" and within it, he is described as a "genetically engineered total homicidal maniac cyborg bodyguard."

Other interactions[]

  • After completing the game, Skeev will offer to buy pieces of Horrigan's corpse to resell them as memorabilia for $150 per piece, promising the Chosen One a 10% cut of the profits.[18]
  • While both New Reno townsfolk and prostitutes suggest to use the mutated toe on Frank Horrigan ("You score is 192 out of 208. You really should have used the mutated toe on Horrigan"), this is just a reference to Sierra's Quest series, not a mechanic.

Death animation[]

  • Killing Frank will trigger a unique and violent death animation:
Stage 1 Stage 2
Frank Horrigan death stage 1 Frank Death Stage 2


Apparel Weapon Other items
Frank Horrigan's armor End Boss plasma gun
End Boss knife

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]

Frank Horrigan was included as a playable Enclave character in Wasteland Warfare.

Name S P E C I A L Normal Energy Rads Special
Frank Horrigan I 8 8 5 6 5 5 1 6 6 X UNNERVING: -2 penalty for all Skill Tests which are not attacks on Frank Horrigan I.

ENRAGED: When damage suffered, gain 1 /. Must be used on the next attack

Frank Horrigan II 10 8 6 6 4 4 2 4 4 X FERVID: Resistant to all conditions.

BOOM: When first activated, gain ! !. IMPAIR: Before shot, may replace 3 with 0 +

Frank Horrigan III 12 5 4 6 3 3 3 3 3 X UNYIELDING: Immune to all conditions.

VIOLENT: Melee attacks gain ? ?

UNPREDICTABLE: On activation:

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game[]

Horrigan is major character in Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.


Notable quotes[]


Frank Horrigan is the final boss and antagonist of Fallout 2, who also appears in a special encounter early in the game killing some defiant "peasants." He is also seen killing Brotherhood of Steel agent Matt in a cutscene in the San Francisco Brotherhood outpost if the Chosen One accesses the ACE computer terminal and asks what happened to him. Analogously, another scene of Horrigan killing deathclaws can be seen in Vault 13 after the Enclave raids it a second time. He was a talking head voiced by Michael Dorn (who also voiced Marcus). In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Frank Horrigan appears as a unit in the Enclave faction.

Behind the scenes[]


PCPC In the SFall 3.2a version of Fallout 2 (shipped with the game if purchased from Steam), Frank Horrigan may be completely impervious to damage dealt by the Chosen One during the final battle, only receiving damage from the turrets and Granite's squad if they are made friendly. It is unknown if this is an avoidable glitch, or a permanent glitch with the game's version. [verified]


Fallout 2[]

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]

Magic: The Gathering[]


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