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Frank's Fine Radstag Redemption is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note can be found at Bloody Frank's, on a table in a camper on the north side of the catwalk.


Rick's Fine Radstag Redemption

I got a bone to pick after the other night's supper. Whipped this up the other day, ain't nobody gonna question my cooking no more.

- Get as much radstag meat as you can get your hands on, cut into nice fat chunks
- Just enough tatos to thicken the gravy, they bring a richness you wouldn't believe
- A splash of bourbon here and there while your cooking won't hurt
- Some foul water ties this together, tenderizes the stag meat and breaks it all down

I find the smokiness of an open flame works wonders with the delicious stag meat in this stew. Whatever bourbon you aren't going to drink is going to help our flavors mix and mingle till they cook up into something that'll keep your belly warm and make your toes tingle.