Francis Scott Key Bridge[1] (named the Potomac Bridge in the game guide) is an unmarked location in Fallout 3.


The Francis Scott Key Bridge is the bridge that crosses the Potomac River north of Jefferson Memorial, from the Citadel in the direction of Washington Monument. It is in a severe state of decay, and contains numerous ruined vehicles top-side, a portion of the bridge has collapsed into the Potomac River.

Below the bridge to the west, there is a raider encampment, while on the eastern side, there is a scavenger under the bridge that the Lone Wanderer can trade with. On the eastern side there is also a super mutant base near the irradiated metro.

Notable lootEdit

North of the bridge, east end, between the scavenger and raider camp, is a grave with search party log #3 for the Searching for Cheryl unmarked quest.

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Francis Scott Key Bridge appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is based on the real-world Francis Scott Key Bridge.


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    The Key Bridge stretches from the east to westbanks of the Potomac, from the Super Mutant’soffice domain [9.P] to the Citadel
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