Detective Francis Perry was a corrupt member of the Boston Police Department, his skeleton can be found next to his holotape in the basement of the Boston Police rationing site in 2287.


A crooked detective, Francis Perry was working at the Boston Police rationing site, partnered up with McDonnell. He struck a deal with Sgt. John Reise to steal supplies intended for civilian distribution and sell them on the black market for a tidy profit. As he and his partner in crime were responsible for shift scheduling, this was trivial.[1] When the heat became too great, as a result of new reports about stolen supplies, he decided to let Reise take the fall, while he bugged out to New York. However, he was overheard recording a message for his cousin and the two criminals promptly killed each other, right on the eve of the Great War.[2]


Francis Perry appears in Fallout 4 as a skeleton.


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