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The frag mine is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


The frag mine is a placed explosive device. When approached by an enemy it begins beeping shortly before exploding. It can be disarmed while close to it by interacting with it. Like other land mines, it cannot be used in V.A.T.S.



  • Primm - Three armed frag mines can be found on the bridge between the NCR camp and the hotels.
  • Nipton - Armed frag mines are placed as traps in the Nipton Town Hall and in one of the residential houses.
  • Road east of Nipton - Three armed frag mines can be found hidden under traffic cones.
  • Between Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson - Many armed frag mines can be found scattered throughout this no-man's-land, some near a dead NCR soldier.
  • Ranger Station Charlie - Frag mines are placed as traps after talking to Ranger Andy about the station, or beginning Return to Sender.
  • Train tunnel leading to Nellis Air Force Base - Over 10 armed frag mines can be found in the locked tunnel.
  • HELIOS One - Armed frag mines can be found inside the west and east terminals, as well as other traps and hostile NCR dogs.
  • H&H Tools factory - Armed frag mines and other traps can be found in the factory.
  • Horowitz farmstead - Armed frag mines can be found in the area.
  • Malcolm Holmes may have one in his inventory during the encounter with him (must be bought).
  • Chet may occasionally have one in his inventory (must be bought).
  • Old World Blues (add-on) Many can be obtained when walking on the pipes found throughout Big MT.


  • Mines placed by the player character will not explode when approached by companions.
  • Frag mines cannot be picked up while they are armed.
  • The Courier can teach Decanus Severus how to disarm and rearm the NCR's mines.[1]
  • When placing mines on the ground and either waiting or sleeping near the area where they are placed, they will disappear.
  • Demolition charges, which are functionally similar to frag mines, become available in the Dead Money add-on. If the player character places a demolition charge, disarms it, and picks it back up, they will receive a frag mine instead.


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Arming the mine
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Disarming the mine
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Ticking mine



  1. Courier: "I can show you how to disarm the NCR's mines."
    Severus: "That would be worth knowing, especially if we can then rearm and reuse them."
    Courier: "The trick is to rush the mine and press the blinking red light."
    Severus: "The light is a button that can interrupt detonation? We were too busy throwing ourselves to the ground to figure that out. To rearm the mine, we'd just press the button again - simple. The Profligates will regret that we learned this."
    (Severus' dialogue)