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The four crank capacitor is a weapon mod for the laser musket in Fallout 4. It requires at least rank 1 of the Science! perk to craft.


The four crank capacitor raises the crank reload maximum of a laser musket to four. This is the first capacitor for the laser musket that requires the Science! perk to install, and therefore may be overlooked by players preferring ballistic or melee weapons. The four crank capacitor is best used at mid-to-long range, due to the extended reload time necessary in order to benefit from the increased damage output. Also, the four crank capacitor increases the ammo expenditure of the laser musket, due to four cranks requiring four fusion cells. Finally, the four crank capacitor also increases the value of the laser musket by a semi-negligible amount, while increasing its weight by approximately one pound.


Gears (5)
Oil (4)
Screw (5)
Four crank capacitor (1)


  • One can be found on the table in The Castle armory.
  • Laser muskets pre-modified with the four crank capacitor can occasionally be bought from vendors, most frequently sold by Ronnie Shaw.