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Founder's Hall, known in-game as the Foundation interior, is a location within Foundation in Appalachia.


A large domed cavern beneath Spruce Knob, it appears to be the location of a massive pre-War pumping facility and was further expanded by the settlers. The location was considered ideal for seeking shelter from scorchbeasts and the other dangers of Appalachia.


The elevator which leads into the hall is located roughly in the center of the cavern. To the north is Paige's office and a chemistry station. To the northeast is Aubrie's clinic. Directly east of the elevator is Jen's room, where Mochou can be found if she joins the Settlers. To the southeast is a barracks that will be occupied by the soldiers (Fields, Radcliff, Thompson, and Lucky) after they join. Down the stairs from the barracks are an armor and a tinker's workbench. The southern part of the cavern is the water pump station. The western computer area is occupied by Tutti Frutti and Penelope Hornwright after she joins Foundation.


Notable loot


Founder's Hall appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.