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I'd just like to know what are people's 5 fav. characters of all of the Fallout games, are. There are so many interesting, and/or funny characters, so if you'd like, give me 10 if you want - no more than that though, 'cause that'd be too many in my opinion. Generic characters like Freeside Thug or Megaton Settler, and the Vault Dweller, Lone Wanderer, etc. are not acceptable for obvious reasons. I did 10 because I like a lot characters. Use this format, below:

1. Dogmeat

2. Sulik

3. Three Dog

4. The Master

5. Christine Royce

6. Harold

7. Leslie Ann Bishop

8. Angela Bishop

9. Myron

10. Miria

Maybe give us some reasons too, if you want.

My reasons. Dogmeat is my favourite, because he's like a pheonix that rises fromt the ashes (even though they're not the same Dogmeat). Plus he's got a cool bark (FO, FO2) and is an Australian cattle dog. Sulik, he's got a bone through his nose that he talks to, which he calls Grampy Bone. He is best best melee follower, plus he knocks enemies sooo far away, when he kills them. He has the funniest way of talking, better than Yoda. Three Dog 'cause he makes the Capital Wasteland fun to cross. The Master because he is the best written antagonist (visually, the scariest and verbally), in all fiction. He's got 3 voices, his main voice, a sexy female voice that likes to say "Join!." and an intimidating male voice that likes to say "Die!". We share the same name too. Christine Royce, probably the first character without an intial voice, and she's probably the first follower to genuinely care the player character as a person (even if it's only to a lesbian Courier, which mine happens to be). Harold, who could not like Harold? He's unique (in more ways than one), he's pretty funny and I like his accent. Leslie Ann Bishop is an interesting and well written character, you can sleep with her. Unlike most characters she's bisexual (Red Lucy would be another exmple of such people). Plus she has a possibly canonical son with the Chosen One. Not as interesting as her mother, Angela Bishop is quite unique. According to her mother, she is likely to become pregnant, just having a man stare at her (LOL). I won't go into how that last sentence relates to the one before it. Like her mother, the can have a possibly canonical son with the Chosen One, most characters don't have that. They're both apparently really good looking. Myron, because: "Myron! It's Myron baby! Myron!" Miria, because she's the first (female) character that can marry the player character in a game (an interesting feature), as far as I know. Also her - as far as the Chosen One can tell - body has the measurements 36-24-36, which is unusually good looking, for most any character. She likes to call the Chosen One "sugar lumps", which is a horrible name, even for a female Chosen One, so she's only in 10th place for me. I don't expect you to explain your reasons for all 5 or 10 chars, however. --Tag! 06:11, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

1. Liberty Prime 2. Boone 3. Three Dog 4. Fantastic 5. Butch DeLoria 6. Snuffles the Molerat 7. Dad 8. Fisto 9. Raul 10. Moira Brown Joey angeli (talk) 10:53, November 21, 2015 (UTC)

I only have two person worthy of my list.


Joshua Graham.

(And kind of Yes Man. lol)

--DawnOfTheNewDay 06:49, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

1.lucas simms 2.yes man 3.joshua graham 4.threeee dooowwwg 5.legate lanius

5. Dogmeat (Fallout 1) - at least he was useful unlike is Fallout 3 counterpart 4. Cassidy (Fallout 2) - my only problem with him was that he would burn through my shotgun ammunition 3. Veronica - most interesting companion in terms of storyline 2. Legate Lanius - "We shall see how brave you are when nailed to the walls of Hoover Dam, your body facing west so you may watch your world die" 1. Joshua Graham - possibly one of the most badass characters in the entire series

You asked. But you may not like my answers 1.Melody [caesars camp FO:NV] 2.Sapling yew [oasis FO3] 3. Maggie [megaton FO3] 4. C.J. Young {Rivet City FO3} 5.Veronica [I88 Stop FO:NV} 16:35, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

No, they're all fine characters. Your answers were a bit female oriented, to put it lightly, but it's not too bad.

Hmm, well I sorta liked Ian after I learned not trust him with an SMG, but he doesn't make the top 5.

  1. 1 is Dogmeat of course, hard to beat him. Not much of a conversationalist but just so inspiring.

the rest in no solid order:

2 I go for Myron, irritating twit that he is, he does have some really great lines. 3 Harold, need I say any more? 4 Marcus, don't know why but for some reason I just like really like him. 5 Rose Cassidy, she's a lush who constantly nags me for putting things in my pockets, but "be very, very quiet, we're hunting shitheads" makes up for all that.

Honorable mention goes to Brain, great idea for a character who doesn't have enough of a story. 18:24, September 5, 2011 (UTC)

They're also all characters I want to Hug 01:47, September 6, 2011 (UTC)

I'd probably hug most of my choices, not however, The Master (for obvious reasons) or Myron 'cause he'd probably make me feel bad for doing it. I'd hug Harold, but only as a tree. --Tag! 02:13, September 6, 2011 (UTC)

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