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Gametitle-FO3 In a moment please scroll down to where it shows the damage comparison chart for flamers. It says that it will add the burn damage again on a critical hit? Is this correct? (Doesn't say so for critical damage shown above.) I want to make sure if weapons such as the Dart Gun's poison and other sources deal the auxiliary damage effect proc again on a critical hit.

Reason why: Playing a big guns character and wondering if I opt into any more crit damage, but also eyeing the dartgun for future characters. quick math: flamer damage = 8 flat + 10 damage over 5 seconds. on a crit that adds the 10 damage over 5 seconds and 1 damage, it would be 29 damage instead of a non-crit's 18. that's a 61% damage increase on a crit, which I believe would be the best crit-dps ratio for any hard-automatic gun in the game if true. Another if, If I'm correct- fire and poison damage flat out ignore enemy dr. The non-dot part of the flamer damage might register as "normal" damage for dr but I am unsure of either. Also Superior Defender with Ghoul Ecology on both the flame dot and base damage might make this one of the highest dps in the game lowkey(8 procs of ((2+10)x1.5=)18 dot dps for 5 seconds, can stack up to 720 flame dps if torched for 5 seconds, add in 312 base dps for 1032 total dps), also because of how enemies don't get resistance against fire?

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