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Merging cross-wiki content, and the etiquette that applies to us:

As many of this wiki's editors and readers are already aware of, Nukapedia and The Vault, two of the largest and best Fallout resources out there, have decided to merge, and as such, the collective community is still in the large-scale process of taking the vast amount of information both of our communities had, and merging it all into a single resource. This process is both extensive and frustrating, and as such, we would like to address some overall concerns, as well as going over the editing and user-conduct fundamentals for all of those looking to get involved.

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Respective Guidelines & Policies:

Inter-User Conduct

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  • Mutual respect: You might not necessarily agree with something you see during the merge, but until the wiki's established guidelines & policies are objectively broken, the best solution is to always go forward with an open mind, and engage in a direct but civil dialogue with the editor you disagree with. If a solution doesn't present itself through this dialogue, then it's best to disengage, and request a mediator from within our administration, who are specialized to handle editing conflicts.
  • Don't act territorial: Far too often, we will see editors who become emotionally attached to both their existing works, and even the wiki itself, leading to conflicts born from the inherent bias of acting overly-protective. Something to always remember and keep close to heart, is that the wiki is for everyone, and eventually all of our works will be modified and expanded upon in some way or another. If you find yourself becoming emotionally protective of our articles, then it may be a good idea to take a step away from the wiki for a bit and re-prioritize.
  • The wiki does not discriminate against nor segregate its users: Something we have unfortunately seen during the merging process, but thankfully not often, are editors who have strong feelings towards treating the users of Nukapedia differently than those from The Vault, and vice versa. While we empathize on how these sorts of feelings may emerge, especially when there have been so many drastic changes lately, it must be firmly established that these feelings being expressed openly are not only heavily frowned upon, but may be subject to our behavioural policies should our users begin to feel personally attacked/discriminated against.
  • In general, don't be a dick: This is our catch-all rule, a necessary one, because ultimately we are all here as a family of sorts, working towards the greater goal of becoming the best Fallout resource around for decades to come. Fighting with your fellow family, whining when you don't get your way, or simply being antagonistic towards those that don't share the same opinion as you, are all behavioural flaws that we cannot have, especially as we work towards finishing the merge.

Editing Guidelines
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  • Article formatting: One of the most important aspects of completing the merge, is making sure that all content abides by the wiki's standardized formatting guidelines. Blindly merging content over not only breaks our articles at times, but frequently lowers the overall quality, making messes for other editors to unnecessarily have to clean up.
    • Capitalization/General grammar: This wiki follows proper American-English conventions, and as such, we do not adhere to in-game grammar, as it does not remain consistent throughout the games.
    • Over-linking/Red-linking: Spamming an article with redundant links is both unhelpful and messy looking, which should be avoided at every chance possible. In general, if you're linking to the same thing more than once in a single paragraph, then you're over-linking and you'll need to amend that. Even more important, is that between our two wikis, there are going to be links that are not consistent across both mediums. When importing information over, please please please, make sure that your links appropriately reflect their new home.
    • Proper article layout: Between the two wikis, not only are our article layouts somewhat different, but some article sections are outright exclusive to each community. When importing content over, it will be necessary to remove information that is no longer notable on Nukapedia, and to re-name sections as appropriate.
    • Speculation: In general, we do not allow speculation under most circumstances. With enough objective connections, very specific speculatory statements can be allowed in, but if you are unable or unwilling to provide sources to back up your conjecture, then it will be removed.
  • We are not Wikipedia: Nukapedia follows many standards that are alien to Wikipedia, and as such, it's not a great idea to try and apply their standards to our wiki. With that in-mind, whenever our guidelines & policies do not cover something specific, the Wikipedia's manual of style may be used to fill in the gaps when appropriate. In these cases, it is best to speak with the administration, first, before going forward.

Edit Summaries


When making an edit, unless it's a minor edit, you should always be using edit-summaries to explain what all you are doing. While this can be seen as just a formality, that doesn't make it any less important to use, and makes our lives easier when going through article histories.

In particular, with the merge, 'ALL imported information must be specified within edit-summaries as being a part of the merging project. With the project being heavily audited, this is mandatory as of this forum, and we will be disciplining project participants who fail to conform to the practice.

Replacing Content - IMPORTANT
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A rather sore subject among editors interested in the merge, is that some of our editors have been witnessed replacing articles entirely with what they see as the objectively superior version. While this is not necessarily a bad thing to do, especially with smaller articles, consensus should be sought in most cases, and as of this forum, any large-scale replacements will be reverted until consensus has been gathered. A forum has been set up, [here], where such requests can be made.

Even with positive consensus gained, and you find yourself moving forward, you must conform any information ported over, as leaving a huge mess for other editors to clean up in your stead will be seen as a gross abuse of your position within the merging project, and disciplinary measures may be taken, especially so in repeated cases.

Disciplinary Measures

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An unfortunate topic to have to raise, but still a necessary one after a few of the incidents that have popped up while working on the merging project. Please keep in mind as you read on, that we are of course not going to punish people with good intentions - but there is consistent behaviour we've noticed that has to be reigned in.

As of this forum, the administration will be cracking down on repeated infractions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Edit-warring
  2. Blatantly importing content over without fixing links/typography/sections that may or may not break the article's formatting
  3. Failing to note in the edit-summaries when merging content
  4. Harassing editors and stalking their edits
  5. Expecting other editors to fix your mistakes, no matter how minor they are, leaving them there for others to address
  6. Refusing to gain consensus over controversial imports, ignoring the use of our user/article talk-pages, as well our fora, when regarding merge content

As a concluding note on this matter, the administration does have the power to restrict editors from participating on a given project. Repeated behavioural issues may see to you being restricted from contributing to the merge at all. Please don't let it get to that point.

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Thank you all for reading - this is an exciting time to be a part of Nukapedia, as we unite our forces and work towards making the Fallout community one to envy among the overall gaming community. Keep up the amazing work across all of the various facets of the wiki, and we'll be looking forward to the day when the merge is complete, and we are all one big happy family again.

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Thanks for this reminder on the etiquette, Leon. Well written, and adapted to the experiences with how the merge went in the past few months. Jspoel Speech Jspoel 14:01, February 6, 2020 (UTC) 18:58, March 4, 2020 (UTC) Any way to deal with the disgusting ads and redirects on mobile?

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