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I got the Naughty Nightwear during the Those! quest, and up 'til now, my various characters have kept it. Even without its abilities, it imparts a cool, unique look for the characters. Anyways, I figured I'd see if Ronald Laren in Girdershade whom Grady spoke of in his holotape, would do something interesting with it. I really didn't care about any monetary reward. I was just curious to see what happens. Well, I see that he didn't do anything with it, and its not even mentioned after the fact, So, I wanted to get it back. I figured I could pickpocket it from him while he slept, especially since he clearly didn't wear it to sleep. Well, with my 100 Sneak, I pickpocketed him, but all he had was The Kneecapper and some shells. It also wasn't anywhere in his home. So, is it lost forever? Is there any way to recover it? Note that I'm playing the 360 version so no console commands.

BTW: If someone has already posted this query, I apologize. I looked down the list of topics but didn't see an appropriate one. Thanks for any assistance,

--Wally 11:41, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

There is more then one Naughty nightwear in the game. Head over to the whores of Dukov's house, Cherry will have some Naughty Nightwear on her.

Are you sure you're not think of Sexy Sleepwear? It's different, as the Naughty Nightwear is lepord skin instead of regular pink.--Esscex 02:53, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

I had this happen to me too. I wanted to see what would happen, mabey he'd make Sierra wear it (obviously that's his intentions) but he never does. I also tried to get it back, after reading it's in his inventory and it'll be fully repaired after you get it. I didn't see it while I killed him, and it wasn't their either, so i dunno it kind of made me mad.--Esscex 02:53, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

All I can say is... fooey! Not so much for the loss of the characteristics of the item, but losing its uniqueness, and mainly for the lack of story happening, or not happening, as it were. I mean it started with Grady's corpse and final words, and then Gun-Nut mysteriously appearing, then a bit more background from Sierra, and then... *poof!* that's it. Especially given that you finally deliver it to who Grady wanted, and also, just who is Grady to this guy and vice versa? And the loss of all this plus a very useful and Hef-like (for guys, heh) item is worth only 300 caps, at most? FOOEY!

--Wally 04:04, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

BTW, Esscex, I just had this thought while rereading this. You said you thought he bought it for her to wear. No, I gotta disagree. He must've bought it to talk her into a kiss... and then to get lucky! =)

Though, she would look good in it. But the Sexy Sleepwear would also fit her nicely. Briefly.

--Wally 02:57, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

Did you know that if you sell the Naughty nightwear to Lauren and then pickpocket him you can sell it to him an infinite number of times?

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