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i meant to go to craterside supplies but i accidently went into the armory in megaton(i dont know why it was unlocked) and so now my rank is Evil: Reaver and three dog is spreading the news on the radio!! D:>. i need help to gain karma. i thought about rescuing a captive but i cant find one! i have pure water but Micky(megaton) and Carlos(rivet city) are already dead! What shoud i do!!? 10:08, January 3, 2011 (UTC) Give money to churchs: Followers (?) of the Atom in Megaton, Church of st. Monica in Rivet City (1 cap for 1 good karma)

or you can give scrap metal to Walter in Megaton after you repaired the leaking pipes. (give him the scrap metal, than asks for NO money)

For more options read this page :

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