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Hello everyone, Kdarrow here! I am gearing up for our next meeting of the minds, where our community gets together in a productive space and pitches innovative new ideas, works through questions, and forms plans to help improve the wiki.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Information

The meeting will take place Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 5:00 PM UTC. It will be hosted in the Nukapedia Discord server's #meeting-hall. The meeting will start off with any updates including new staff members, event recaps, shout outs, or other timely news. After that, we can move to our general session, where below, I encourage everyone to pitch their ideas for.

Afterward we will have a transcript and overview list available on this forum for anyone who wasn't able to make it. Everyone is allowed to pop in and join these meetings as they progress. If you propose a topic, you will have the floor to explain your thoughts and when done, we will open discussion on the topic. If you have topics you wish to discuss, please leave the items below and we will add it to the agenda.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Pre-meeting materials

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New agenda items

Suggested agenda items
  1. Updates, awards, new staff members - kdarrow: In this segment I will greet everyone and provide the format and process for the day. I will provide updates on new staff members who have joined our ranks since the last time we met.
  2. Infobox item specification - aligning with Fandom best practices - kdarrow - This topic centers around the need for specificity in our infobox item template. It is difficult to teach and use as is, with poor documentation, too many parameters that do not apply, and overall cumbersome and not editor-friendly. Fandom best practices indicate these infoboxes should be specified and not have large topics grouped within, and I wish to align with this.
  3. Perks split, consensus reached in chat but want to confirm wiki-side - kdarrow - On June 2, editors engaged in a conversation regarding splitting the perks by game, such as we do with all the rest of articles such as weapons or world objects. Perks right now are not the same game to game, even if they share a name, so this results in a crowded article with less relevance, is not value added for users who wish to find information on a certain game's perks.
  4. Non-game/canon header format for references - Findabair
    Originally brought up by AYF, the purpose is to get a consensus on the format used for Reference subheaders, the pseudo header ; is a no-go according to the "Accessibility" section of the Wikipedia MoS. Currently we use either a real subheader === (Katy, myself) or bolden the header part ''' (Kate), both of which are correct. I'd like to have either one to become the standard and to be added to our Reference formatting guideline. This topic will be brought up together with Katy.
  5. Headings and subheadings: implimenting === vs ; - Katy Webb
  6. Overciting and overquoting cleanup - Katy Webb
  7. Usage of |race and |GECK race parameters in FO3 and FNV infoboxes - Findabair
    For both games, we currently list "Human, <insert Caucasian/Asian/African American/Hispanic here>" under the race parameter, while we also have the GECK race parameter, which lists the actual gamefile race, e.g. "CaucasianOld". We don't do anything like that for other races, e.g. no "Synth, <1st/2nd/3rd Gen>." I think that it is sufficient to simply use the race parameter to classify NPCs as Human - readers can see everything else for themselfes by looking at the picture. For everything race-specific from a technical viewpoint, we should utilize the GECK race parameter.
  8. Fan art interwiki images - kdarrow
  9. FandomDesktop css appearance - Jspoel - FandomDesktop color scheme deviates from the original Oasis color scheme. Should be more the same.
  10. Local map images placements - Jspoel - If there are more than 1 local map image, they're in the first tab. Should be all under local map tab. Discussion of tab usefulness.
  11. Introduction sentence updates - Jspoel - Run of the sentence in the introduction on update pages. (<item> is a misc item in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders, or <item> is a misc item in Fallout 76, introduced in the update Wastelanders)
  12. Appearances section on workshop/world object pages - Jspoel - Proposal of removal of the appearances section on world object pages and workshop object pages. (At the moment it's still a mix on the workshop object pages.)
  13. Capitalization of robots - Jspoel - Browse through the robot pages to see which are capitalized.
  14. Fo1/Fo2 dialogue format (GCLENNY.MSG) - Jspoel - Proposal to reformat the Fo1/Fo2 dialogues to GCLenny format (with anchors).
  15. Keeping the footers - Jspoel - Footer seems to be faded out. I'd like to keep them, they serve good purpose and are plenty used.
  16. Progress on template fixes categories - Jspoel - Browse the Category:Template Fixes categories to check progress and problems.
  17. Blocking editing anonymous users - Jspoel - Should we remove the block for anomymous users to edit? Trial period is over.
  18. Nukapedia logo in Discord - Jspoel - Original logo is replaced by lhbti. Discussion on length.


Could everyone who added an agenda item please provide a brief summary of what they intend to discuss? In order to have an informed discussion, each participant needs time in advance to put some thought into the topic. Otherwise, the presenter is asking everyone else in the meeting to spontaneously respond to important topics before the meeting is over. Spontaneous, rushed responses are not ideal. Please take some time to edit your existing topics to let everyone else know specifically what about each topic you'd like us all to ponder. Thanks!

intrepid359FO76NW Overseer.png10/19/21 [2:36am]
Done! I added a little synopsis for all of mine! -kdarrow Pickman heart.png take her for a spin! 22:13, 25 June 2021 (UTC)

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Post-meeting materials





2021 June Meeting of the Minds transcript

Overview and follow up items

Topic Presenter Discussion
Next step Lead(s)
Announcements, updates, and awards
New staff members and Vault Academy grads Congratulate all graduates and welcome new staff
Infobox item template specificity
Item infobox too unwieldy, difficult to document, utilize, and teach. Call to split based on specific item, align with Fandom best practices. Discussion will move to forum vote, posted and accessible here.
Consistant headers for reference types
Both bold and colon are used, accessibility indicates colon should not be used. Wiki should be uniform in either direction. Moving forward bold headers will be used instead of colon. Will add this clarification to reference guidelines.
Appearance of FandomDesktop
New skins need work when considering design and colors for both light and dark modes. Current design is temporary for rollout. Eckserah has sandbox page for reporting issues, see here. Will touch base with FDekker to get prototypes going for current oasis skin and dark mode version.

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