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Meeting of the Minds - April 25, 2021

Hello everyone, Kdarrow here! Fellow admin Old Man Leon and I are gearing up for our next meeting of the minds, where our community gets together in a productive space and pitches innovative new ideas, works through questions, and forms plans to help improve the wiki.

A lot has happened since our last meeting in November, so this time I would like to start off with a recap of current events, introduce new staff members, awards or shout outs, news, and anything else that is timely in order to give a solid overview of what we have accomplished since our last meeting. After that, we can move to our general session, where below, I encourage everyone to pitch their ideas for.

The meeting will take place Sunday, April 25, 2021 beginning at 4:00 PM UTC, hosted by yours truly on the Nukapedia Discord server. Afterward we will have a transcript available for anyone who wasn't able to make it. Everyone is allowed to pop in and join these meetings as they progress. If you propose a topic, you will have the floor to explain your thoughts and when done, we will open discussion on the topic. If you have topics you wish to discuss, please leave the items below and we will add it to the agenda.

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It appears we have such a robust response that our time allotment will not allow for each person to speak about each topic. But all are valid and important aspects of improving our community. A review of the topics added below has given me the idea of splitting some into what I have preliminarily dubbed the "content policy and organization review" meeting. I will plan on scheduling each on separate days so that all can attend one, or the other, or both. Please continue to submit your ideas as we finalize dates for each, and remember that each speaker will be allowed one topic, each slated for 10 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion. Thank you kindly.
Happy trails!
-kdarrow Pickman heart.png
Agenda topics

Please add wiki article content/layout/organizational topics to the content meeting agenda, running in conjunction with Meeting of the Minds. Thank you!

  1. Updates, awards, new staff members - kdarrow
  2. Inactivity among the staff ranks - Old Man Leon
  3. Preparing for the Fallout T.V. show - Old Man Leon
  4. Reaching out to other Fallout communities - Old Man Leon
  5. Edit wars due to the real world weapon comparisons policy - Aiden4017
  6. Restoration patch location images status / patch content on the wiki - Jspoel
  7. Losing the redirects category - Jspoel
  8. Influence of dataminers on the wiki, accessibility/formatting of pages - Jspoel
  9. Nominated for deletion pages - Jspoel
  10. Increase in anon vandalism and edit warring from banned users - gilpo
  11. Role of stub articles and possible policies/projects related to them (defining "stub" status, etc.) - DirtyBlue929
  12. Future project to clean up copy-pasted game guide passages on Fallout 3 pages, moving towards paraphrase - DirtyBlue929
  13. In combination with above item about anon vandalism from banned users - increase in ban evasion by permabanned users via VPNs, and potential avenues to deal with this (anon edit verification, temp-banning certain IP ranges, etc.) - DirtyBlue929
  14. In combination with above item about copy-pasted game guide passages - discussion of potential legal concerns with directly reprinting contents of recently-released Modiphius tabletop game rulebooks as refs (personal opinion: page number is fine for now; reprinting contents may draw ire from lawyers given this is a very recent release). - DirtyBlue929
  15. Viewing of a presentation showcasing projects, productivity, and significant improvements made to Nukapedia by way of collaboration effort with Fallout 76 Dataminers in the six months since our affiliation. - kdarrow

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