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Title pretty much says it all. Shows up under Misc./Items, left click does nothing, right click just drops. Really would like it functioning.


Umm, Maybe it's where you're positioning your cursor or it's already expended itself for that time?
I believe it cures addictions, and it will brew one random drug per day. The ones i got were usually pretty shitty though accept on rare occasions. Perhaps it's something to do with your science skill? If not try sleeping a couple days or something. See if that helps.
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Xdarkdragonx 06:02, 25 March 2009 (UTC) Dragon.

Cursor is correctly highlighting the lab - cannot be expended as never used. I do know what it does, just not how. Do I carry it with me always, set it on the floor of my house, or do anything special with it? Lonestare

You can carry it or put it in a locker or container. Once you get the lab, it sort of works like a skill book. YOu don'tt do anything with it. Just don't sell it. In my megaton house, all of those types of items are in my locker, and the actual lab works just fine without it in my inventory.

the thing you're reffering to is the misc item in your inventory. this item is more of a verification that you bought it. it is already in your house now and looks like an alchemy lab, then just activate it. RG (xbox) 18:18, 27 March 2009 (UTC)

I guess that is the problem - It is NOT in my house, upstairs or down, or anywhere. Have avoided the chems because of addiction potential, but can see how they would be useful in some situations.

very nice that there is a solution somewhere on the "not showing in house" problem, but no one can find it

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