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The backgroundEdit

When we took on Discussions, we took on as a part of it the Discussions Moderator role. Whilst the Discussion Moderators do a great job curating discussions, their powers aren't as extensive within discussions as a Chat Moderator would be in the chatroom - A Discussions Moderator cannot ban.

The reason for this is at the moment Discussions doesn't have a seperate "ban space" like chat does... meaning that banning requires admin powers.

The ProblemEdit

We have an unmet need for a person with the ability to issue bans during the US evening/night.

The only person with such powers who is regularly in Discussions is me, and thats when I tend to be unconcious.

Presently what occurs is that one or more of the DMs will head into chat trying to get an Admin's attention, and/or emailing the Nukapedia Email address. Often a visit to chat will get Paladin's attention, and he'll issue bans.

The email option isn't ideal, as when I get it its problably 8-10 hours after the fact, and I can only ban if I can see the bad behavour in question, and sometimes this has slid down too far so I can't see it anymore. Meanwhile despite our well meaning DM's this results in Discussions becoming somewhat of a wasteland. When I'm not well, like at the moment, then I can't even offer that level of service.

If we did not have chat moderators who could ban in peak time, we'd consider it a crisis, but since we haven't got a lot of cross-polination going with Discussions, its slipping under the radar.


Unless Discussions becomes its own "ban space" tomorrow, then I need more admins on the ground.

I think we only need one person with admin powers who can commit to being in discussions most days during the US evening.

No Staffing changes - Can any existing admin commit?Edit

I've tried to informally encourage a few admins to visit, I think Bleep has a few times, and Jasper too, but nothing like the regularity that is required by the situation.

Now I'm asking formally, are there any admins present during the US evening who can formally commit to ensuring that the discussions is on their "regular patrol" and have the Nukapedia email address open.

Draft Cassie as AdminEdit

I think this is pretty unprecedented for an admin to post something like this in a forum, but if Cassie would agree to run for admin, this problem I think we can close off as resolved now.

Cassie meets all the requirements to run as an admin, aside from the pesky "win a vote" pre-requisite. She also is active in Discussions and Chat at or around the time we need somebody to be there.

Bend/Break the rules - Give SSJ3 the admin toolsEdit

The current admin rules predate the existence of discussions. However, in the various schisms between "chat" and "editors", the precedent has been very clear that Administrator is a "Editing" position, and with 4 edits total SSJ3 does not ordinarily meet requirements.

However, he has been the most active of the Discussion Moderator Corps, He has over 11775 Posts on discussions. He is well placed to know the personalities and "troublemakers" present there. If it were possible just to give him ban powers there, I'd have no problem at all trusting him with those powers.


So, what do you think we should do? Agent c (talk) 19:52, June 1, 2016 (UTC)

Firstly, I would like to point out that I still do not see a real advantage of these discussions in regards to this wiki, which doesn't make me much fond of bending the rules or creating changes, just "because discussions". Secondly, the discussions shouldn't be guarded better than the main wikia. There should always be an admin on guard on the main wiki, which means that it should be possible to reach that admin if needed, be it in chat, be it on the TP. On the propositions then:

  • 1 seems okay, we have 14 people with the power to ban. They should be reachable if needed.
  • 2 not really in favor
  • 3 also not really in favor. I don't think we should bend or break the rules just because of an unrelated feature wikia forced on us. On the other hand, I do have to admit that I fully trust this person with the powers, so if an extra banner would be needed, I do have a preference for this proposal, but then I would prefer it to be called temp admin, without determined ending time, basically when wikia finally fixes the special rights related to the discussions.

- Greets Peace'n Hugs (talk) (blog) 20:48, June 1, 2016 (UTC)

  1. I really hope that more admins can be more devoted towards the discussions - a lot of people are enjoying the service; but, I do understand that life comes first, and that there might be a lack of energy involved.
  2. Personally, I say absolutely not. I have very good reasons for voting no on this proposition, but I will not bog down this forum with them. If there is an admin proposal, I will leave my reasons there.
  3. Discussions are a separate entity from the wiki, similar to our chat-room. First, I would ask for Wikia to make a special tag, so that the administrative tools cannot be used for editing purposes on Nukapedia. As long as someone is firm with Wikia Staff on the issues going on right now, they should accommodate one of their larger wikis.
    1. If they do not, then I think they would be fine running for admin, regardless. Since an exceptional circumstance has arisen, give him or her certain boundaries. If they use their tools on Nukapedia directly, even once, remove their rights. It should be a simple matter. 寧靜 Fox 21:22, June 1, 2016 (UTC)

Just a clarification, by "Draft", I do not mean give Cassie admin rights without a vote. Its just a strongly worded encouragement for her to open an application to run. Sorry, have been watching too much west wing. Agent c (talk) 21:38, June 1, 2016 (UTC)

Okay, so we're back at Square one with Cassie pulling her Admin vote. Should we bump up SSj3 so he can actually deal with the problem, am I expected to be awake 24/7, or is someone else going to step up? Agent c (talk) 23:10, June 4, 2016 (UTC)

I personally really like the "Agent C Never Sleeps" proposal. Provided that the wiki can get the proper funding for such a venture, I believe this is a resolute and very possible solution for this problem. Good on you, Agent C, for thinking outside the box and providing a very good long-term solution :) Sigmund Fraud Talk Contributions 23:16, June 4, 2016 (UTC)

As my visits to the wiki are somewhat...infrequent at the moment I will not suggest that I am capable of managing/monitoring the discussions with a regular presence (though I have visited them quite a bit since first being informed of the need for someone with authority to take care of serious problems). With that said, in many ways I very well think the extended arm of the discussions brings forth a new niche/aspect of the wiki in which specific expertise/dedication is needed. Much like the focus of my Administrative position is focused on Bugs/maintenance editing, I feel that this is an area of expertise that we need an administrator in. Each of the current administrators fills a niche, an area where they contribute that the rest of the staff really can't provide support, and I think what we are looking at here is a situation that requires someone cut for the niche of the discussions. ---bleep196- (talk) 23:07, June 11, 2016 (UTC)

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