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Fort Strong PagesEdit

So Looking at the page(s) for Fort Strong and the Fort Strong armory I feel that this is some what of a confusing set up. The page fort strong page is technically about the exterior of the location. The island if you will. While this is a good idea to help with some of the items on it, I feel it is misleading as fort strong as a location in the game is specific to the building itself and not the island. This is proven of when visiting the location for the first time, the discovery notification and XP is not activated till you are within close proximity of the main building. I feel a good idea would be to mark this as either Island, Exterior, or other such title would better rather than it's current titled. Then the page marked as armory be interior or simply fort strong, as the word armory would rather fit for something specific to the sub-level itself, and not the interior. I feel that this is more important in the concept of the office and it's loot, like a magazine & mini nuke. User:WPScorpionWind Date: 2/17/18 7:11PM PST

Given the interior cell IDs, maps, and gallery images are already on the Fort Strong page, I feel these two pages could be merged into a single page, and have added a merge tag to Fort Strong armory. Any objections? Aya42 (talk) 16:20, February 19, 2018 (UTC)
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