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Dear Bethesda or fallout fans:

I have been experiencing major problems with fallout 3. Here are a few

After enslaving bumble for eulogy jones bumble dissapears forever. Wether or not this is supposed to happen I don't know.

The roving trader crow I only saw once. I just escaped vault 101 and was going to megaton. I Bought some 10mm ammo from him and went inside to disarm the bomb. From there I ran to Canterbury commons and told uncle roe I wanted to upgrade his caravan. Instead of being able to upgrade his caravan like it should have he said that he "fell off the map." And it's not only crow but doc hoff, lucky harith, and crazy Wolfgang they all dissapeared. I Know they didn't have time to die because I ran to canturbury commons. It would be somewhat reasonable to say one of them died, but to say they all died within the first 10 minutes of gameplay makes no since.

As a hardcore fallout fan I hope you read this, and more importantly fix/patch or give me some information about the bugs or glitches or whatever you would like to call them.

If you read this Bethesda thank you for making the best game I have ever played. I'm still playing it today.

If anyone knows any solutions to any of the problems I have listed please reply I would truly appreciate any help you can provide. If you want to send me a message on how to fix any of these problems my gamer tag is listed below.


I1 PR3D4TOR 11

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