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Content Policy and Organization Review - April 24, 2021

Hello everyone, Kdarrow here! I am beginning this forum as a branch of our Meeting of the Minds April 2021 forum, due to such a solid response on topics necessitating a more editing policy-focused discussion.

A great deal of our norms are not outlined in policy or guidelines, and in order to have clear and consistent organization, and be able to train new editors to do the same, we need to rectify this. The first step is a discussion on what needs to be included and clarified, coming to a consensus on these article and template layouts, and then moving decisions to vote with our wider audience and community.

The meeting will take place Saturday, April 24, 2021 beginning at 4:00 PM UTC, hosted by yours truly on the Nukapedia Discord server. For sake of consistency, the Meeting of the Minds will take place the following day at the same time.

Happy trails!
-kdarrow Pickman heart.png
Pre-meeting materials
Helpful time converter
New Vegas
Cascadia (PDT)
Tennessee (CDT)
New Hampshire
Ohio (EDT)
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Netherlands
Germany (CEDT)
9:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM 4:00 PM 6:00 PM
Suggested agenda items
  1. Discussions on a site-wide template review starting with the most used templates for editors - Eckserah
  2. Issues with dialogue formatting and creating a standard for it going forward - Eckserah
  3. Placement of the Fallout 76 weapon infoboxes - Jspoel
  4. General policy review for cleanup and clarification in order to allow things to be found more easily. - Eckserah
  5. Categorization review (locations, add-on placements) - Jspoel
  6. Setting up an overview page for template and css/js changes - Jspoel
  7. Use of templates in the introduction and appearances - Jspoel
  8. Use of Fallout 76 or update links on update pages - Jspoel
  9. Categorization characters with skeleton - Jspoel
  10. Appearances section on workshop/world object pages - Jspoel
  11. Crafting header levels - Jspoel
  12. Capitalization of robots - Jspoel
  13. Splitting the Fallout 3/FNV miscellaneous item and world object pages - Jspoel
  14. Introduce new tabbed template, brainstorm possible uses - kdarrow
  15. Disamb/overview pages needed for splits/landing pages over using game specific page - kdarrow
  16. Gauge interest in coordinated 76 world obj/workshop/atx project, segway to FO4/add-ons afterward - kdarrow
  17. Merge plans with associated object pages? if so, transclude from a main plans data page? if not, consider plans project? - kdarrow
  18. Conflating FO76 updates with individually purchased DLC items - waster
Post-meeting materials
Note: The attendance list is based on the meeting's transcript. If you attended the meeting and do not see your user name, please let kdarrow know.

Community meeting 24 April 2021 transcript.pdf

Overview and follow up items
Topic Presenter Discussion Plan
Next step Lead(s)
Infobox template
Transclusions in infobox templates are difficult to use and should be changed in favor of the standard infobox template setup. Template was already moved back to the mainspace
Scribe-Howard (waster_93)
Fallout 76 object project
The world and workshop object list grows exponentially with each patch, difficult to keep up especially with changes to objects with existing articles, objects no longer available, new objects. Gauge interest for a formal project, a coordinated effort, a list of those still needed to be written, an example of format so anyone can join. Project manager and hub is needed especially with linking to plans and the workshop object page. Need to move to a new layout of multiple items on one page that share plan or similar plan. Create project and set up initial format using
Create list of all objects with help from datamineditors to review current and needed articles
Tabbed infobox rollout
Scribe-Howard (waster_93)
The first tabbed infobox template was recently and successfully deployed in mainspace, created by kdarrow, Gilpo, and Eckserah. Now we can utilize this format in other types of infoboxes to benefit articles therein. Levels of tabs will allow for switching between multiple infoboxes instead of adding infoboxes on top of one another. Works well for weapons with mods or characters appearing in multiple games. This will benefit mobile users, of which makes up the majority of our readers/viewers. Moving forward, tabbed infobox template utilization will extend to characters, weapons, quests/achievements and then we will evaluate to see where best to deploy after. Fine tune new tabbed infobox for templates listed above, update master template list, complete doc page.
Scribe-Howard (waster_93)
Transfer info from old infobox template to new
Categorization format
Categorization is difficult to manage when there are several items in the category. Sub-categories can be written so that they appear in the first section, such as with Fallout 76 updates. Used for those with more than one page of articles. Categories that only hold categories will not need to be formatted this way. Subcategories moved to front of category to help with navigation for both editors and readers utilizing space after pipe code-wise.
Templates for update year/multiple update links
Update links in infobox
Categorizing skeletons
Template project/consolidation
Split of FO3/FNV world objects