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Hi Guys,

Some of you know there's been some debate and anguish between us, and a certain other site. I'd like to propose we add this to our guidelines

Proposed Content Creation GuidelineEdit

At Nukapedia, we're proud of our content... We're so proud of our content we want to share it with everyone in as many ways as possible - and we want you to be proud of it too.

To help keep our standards high, please follow these guidelines when adding content.

  • Where possible, We like to have everything we can done by us... that means using our own words wherever possible. Please avoid wholesale copying from other sources when avoidable.
  • Please ensure you adequately reference your work, including ref tags. Tell us where your information comes from - which screen, dialogue, etc.
  • If you're using content that is from somewhere else, please make sure its correctly licensed, or the use of it really does come under Fair Use. Please make sure any uploads you do include correct licensing, and you mention at least in the edit summary (and if relevant, in the body of the text).
  • When using Create Commons Licensed Content, please check with the source if there is a suggested way to license them. If there isn't, please at the very least put a direct link to the source page in the edit summary, and include the Creative Commons License code used (eg CC-BY-SA).
  • Likewise, all of our content is freely available for you to use and reuse to your hearts content. Please include a direct link back to us (in the edit summary if you're a wiki, and in the text if you can).


So long as the CC-BY-SA is followed, it'll be good if this is made official. Enclavesymbol 04:38, October 26, 2013 (UTC)

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