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Hey everyone.

I was just wondering, on my evil character, I am about ready to blow up Megaton.

I saw the Wiki on the quest, and what I should do before I blow the town up, but who will survive?

Just wondering who I should/should not kill.

In the Wiki, it says Moira Brown will live, so I shouldn't kill her, but what about Lucas Simms and other characters?

Also, is there anything not listed on the Wiki that I should do before I blow up the town?


Also, here's the link to the Wiki page: [1]

Everyone dies except a posse of Megaton Survivors that will hunt you alongside the Regulators.

Lol, I didn't know a group of survivors hunt you down with regulators. I usually play a good karma character, but i made an evil one the other day and blew up megaton, only after hiring Jerico as a bodyguard on my way across the wasteland. But yeah, I think the only important npc that will survive is Moria, and she ends up becoming a goul, which scared the shit out of me the first time she ran up to me after the bomb detonated. --Esscex 03:55, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

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