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The acryonym project is an effort to restructure article URLs for all topics with acronyms.


All acroynm-based articles that are not following the standard (ACRONYM without periods), are to be moved to a compliant primary URL. All other forms will redirect toward the compliant URL. This project has gained community approval by way of forum accessible here.


Once moved, acronym-based topics will be more accessible to our viewers and a simple and easy-to-enter link will be accessible to editors who are interested in removing redirects.

Roadmap information

  1. Move the main article to the acronym in full uppercase, as seen in-game, without intermittent period punctuation.
  2. If intermittent periods are used in-game, use the {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} function to display the article title with the intermittent period punctuation.
  3. If applicable, the infobox will also use the intermittent periods, achieved by using the |name= parameter.
  4. URLs consisting of the same acronym with the period punctuation (if used in-game), as well as the extended form, will be redirect articles.
  5. Phase out redirect usage at your leisure.


  • We want [[VATS]] as the primary article URL
  • We want [[V.A.T.S.]] and [[Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System]] to redirect to the primary article.


To participate, add your user name below using [[User:Your user name|Your user name]].


  • Check = Complete
  • No = Not applicable
  • Empty = Not done
Topic Acronym is primary Periods is redirect Full is redirect
ARIC-4 Check No Check
ATHENA Check Check Check
AVA Check Check Check
CAMP Check Check Check
CINDY Cut content No No
CODE Check No Check
EMIAC Cut content
GECK Check Check Check
GOAT Check Check Check
JES-2R(?) No
LEAP-X program
MAIA Check No Check
MARGOT Check Check Check
MIND Check Check No
MODUS Check No Check
NIRA Check Check Check
PRC (People's Republic of China)
SAFE test Check No No
SCORE Check Check No
SERAPH Cut content
SODUS Check No Check
SPECIAL Check Check No
Star Control Mainframe
VANS Check Check Check
VATS Check Check Check