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Hi Folks,

I know after the last time we tried a "staff meeting" it ended in an unmitigated disaster. However, I think given upcoming events, this is something we've got to do. Agent c (talk) 20:08, May 6, 2015 (UTC)

All Hands Meeting 1 - Preparing for BE3 day - 23 May

I propose we hold this meeting on 23 May at 1700 US eastern, 2000 British Summer Time..

What we end up discussing will depend on 1: If one of us is going to BE3 day (I am pre-registered, no idea if I get selected or can actually get there). 2: If I can engineer up the broadcasting platform I'm hoping to setup.

This will be to discuss what we will be doing on the day, and the immediate aftermath to deal with the influx of traffic we may receive.

The hope is this will just be "general" talk about strategy to maximise our exposure and coverage. If we are broadcasting, we'll also discuss who else we might invite to take part of our broadcast.

If we need to have a contingency policy ready to deal with the influx we may discuss that in order to get admin-consenus for a "decree" decision, but we should have plenty of time to do things the normal way.

All Hands Meeting 2 - Post Announcement - 20 June

I propose that we hold this meeting (subject to a new Fallout game being announced) on 20 June, at the same time as the previous meeting.

This meeting will be to evaluate what the impact has been on the Wiki of the announcement, and how well our coverage has gone.

If there is an apparent need for an emergency rule to deal with the traffic/attention, there will be the opportunity to get admin consensus to make the rule by decree (however, it is my hope that we would also offer this for "confirmation" by the greater community with the rule being enforced in the short term).

Who, and Where

Members of the leadership team are highly encouraged to attend, as we may need to make some decisions.

Non Admins-Moderators-Chat Mods-Patrollers are also welcome. Your views on any decisions that we make are also welcome.

My intention is that we hold this in our chatroom. Depending on the load we may have to ask that off topic discussion be limited in this time (but it is my hope we do not need to do so).

Comments, Queries, and counter-suggestions

Confirmed Attendees

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