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Hi Folks,

I know after the last time we tried a "staff meeting" it ended in an unmitigated disaster. However, I think given upcoming events, this is something we've got to do. Agent c (talk) 20:08, May 6, 2015 (UTC)

All Hands Meeting 1 - Preparing for BE3 day - 23 MayEdit

I propose we hold this meeting on 23 May at 1700 US eastern, 2200 British Summer Time.. (NOT 2000, my maths appeared to have failed me).

What we end up discussing will depend on 1: If one of us is going to BE3 day (I am pre-registered, no idea if I get selected or can actually get there). 2: If I can engineer up the broadcasting platform I'm hoping to setup.

This will be to discuss what we will be doing on the day, and the immediate aftermath to deal with the influx of traffic we may receive.

The hope is this will just be "general" talk about strategy to maximise our exposure and coverage. If we are broadcasting, we'll also discuss who else we might invite to take part of our broadcast.

If we need to have a contingency policy ready to deal with the influx we may discuss that in order to get admin-consenus for a "decree" decision, but we should have plenty of time to do things the normal way.

All Hands Meeting 2 - Post Announcement - 20 JuneEdit

I propose that we hold this meeting (subject to a new Fallout game being announced) on 20 June, at the same time as the previous meeting.

This meeting will be to evaluate what the impact has been on the Wiki of the announcement, and how well our coverage has gone.

If there is an apparent need for an emergency rule to deal with the traffic/attention, there will be the opportunity to get admin consensus to make the rule by decree (however, it is my hope that we would also offer this for "confirmation" by the greater community with the rule being enforced in the short term).

Who, and WhereEdit

Members of the leadership team are highly encouraged to attend, as we may need to make some decisions.

Non Admins-Moderators-Chat Mods-Patrollers are also welcome. Your views on any decisions that we make are also welcome.

My intention is that we hold this in our chatroom. Depending on the load we may have to ask that off topic discussion be limited in this time (but it is my hope we do not need to do so).

Comments, Queries, and counter-suggestionsEdit

I am more curious how this will work, even. Won't video(s) from the conference be suitable enough?

In addition, doesn't the Wikia Staff participate in these events? Or, at least, has some interest in it? ☢ Energy X ☣ 19:54, May 8, 2015 (UTC)

Wikia at this stage will not be at E3.

Suitable? Sure. But lets not be "Suitable", lets be "Great". Agent c (talk) 20:01, May 8, 2015 (UTC)

Eh, another chat meeting. Last time I was invited, I couldn't even make it. Both times! Also, I don't know what I could possibly contribute to this sort of "announcement." Leea (talk) 14:43, May 10, 2015 (UTC)

It was suggested to me, to add my [proposal] onto this forum, in order to takes its relevance into consideration in regards to the upcoming second meeting.
I was not around for the first meeting, so I am not sure how appropriate of a topic this is in comparison to anything/everything else that has been discussed up to this point. If there is a more appropriate medium for my proposal, just let me know. :)
Hope you all approve of my proposal, and I will be looking forward to having some discussion over it. Thank you. 18:26, June 6, 2015 (UTC)

Confirmed AttendeesEdit

  • JASPER42 (talk · contribs) (both, probably)
  • RaulTheGhoul (talk) (Both, barring any unforeseen circumstances.)
  • Jspoel First one will be ok, second one on 20 June is doubtful. Highschool reunion, got to be there!
  • Richie9999 (talk) I should be able to make it to the first one, dunno for sure about the second. Oh the joys of working two jobs.
  • -bleep196- (talk) First one should be Ok, second one I'm not as sure about.
  • Tehpwner7067 (talk) Both
  • A Follower (talk) Precisely what I've been waiting for. First date already saved in my calendar, availability for the second will be determined in the coming weeks.
  • Bigsamcrew (talk) First one for sure, Second one doubtful. I will be working at a camp and have no access.
  • NotAKern (talk) (Both, hopefully)
  • Archmage Neko (talk) (Both, though not confident on the second one)
  • TwoBearsHigh-Fiving talk (Both, I've been wondering when this day would come)
  • Tocinoman (talk · contribs) (second; I have plans on the night of the first)
  • The Fourth Amigo Both if nothing pops up between then.
  • Peace'n Hugs (Both unsure, in case i'm not here the 23rd, Jspoel gets my vote)
  • GarouxBloodline (Second meeting - missed the first one already.) 17:58, June 6, 2015 (UTC)
  • The Ever Ruler Upon reviewing my work schedule, I should be able to attend the second meeting. 18:10, June 14, 2015 (UTC)
  • Digital_Utopia Should be there for the second one.

Minutes of the First MeetingEdit



A Follower

Agent c



Jimmies the Unrustled




Peace’n Hugs



The Gunny





Schedule and plan

Possible collaborators

Need for “researchers”

Surge Management

Temp Admins



Community engagement


Jasper’s Proposal


Meeting called to order at 10.00

Agenda called at 10.04


Gstaff is spoken to and had no issues rebroadcasting their stream

Nobody is going to E3 as far as anyone can tell

Jasper and Chad will produce some sort of coverage: Pre show, stream uninterrupted, post show analysis

Must prepare for-non fallout stuff

Announcement/link on wiki

Popular fallout fan site (On This Day In Fallout History) on FB interested in joining

Chad suggests having them on standby

Chad will talk to admins: Pelinal or Cheatcodechamp, and have Clyde as a Wolfenstein expert

Need someone for Dishonoured, Doom, Evil Within, Battlecry

Follower had edited Dishonoured wiki before, sees a lot of Essie Essex

Cutting to people will be post show

Post show will be a recap of the headlines for late comers then analysis. Chad, Jasper and another at a time to avoid overcrowding

Chad will deal with inter-dishonoured and fallout wiki

Social media presence brought up by Pally

Jasper suggests reading “choice tweets” as well as live feedback

Will need some people watching stuff they can’t feeding them stuff (Them being those on stream)

Need people watching journalist sites “the big ones”:

Jasper will keep an eye on Nuka’s twitter feed or the hashtag (#BE3)

Peace suggests checking FNV and FO3 presentations for reference

To surge management

Increase in traffic, potential trolls, good faith mistaken edits

Jspoel claims it’ll be manageable

Jasper increasing social media presence for more traffic

Chad wants to look at possible temp admins

Richie suggests advising difference between vandalism and good faith

Spike in UK and US times according to Jasper

Peace not in favour of temp admins

Follower suggests blocking anons for 48 hours post annmouncement

Temp admins only for extra rights holders-Follower

Richie reluctant for temp admins

Gunny does not want blocked editing

Former admins approached by Chad

Jasper thinks it won’t be an issue

Follower does not agree with the whole affair

Chad suggests tabling at next meeting

Bugs sections will need careful patrolling and maintenance

Jasper does not trust some rights holders to be admins

Peace is worried about fluffing bad edits as bad faith

Consensus on temp admins is wait and see if needed

Consensus on blocking anons on FO4 page is against

Peace won’t be active for June 14

Talk about patrollers, Kern and Bigsam

Follower doesn’t want rights handed out willy nilly

Consensus is wait and see on new rights holders


Templates from Gunny

News in Newspaper from Jasper

Change colours based on FO4 colours from Follower

Jasper’s on hex colours

Jspoel advises caution

A lot of arguing over colours occurred then for a solid 5 minutes

Jasper will come up with colours and there will be a vote on it

Chad wants a PHBB forum

Follower wants more official affiliates

Richie left at 10.50

Some talk about blogs

Kern says pissing on hands saves time

Peace suggests having chat logged again

Chad is not in favour unless it is offsite

Jasper wants logger to be elected

Chad wants access to be requested

Pally agrees with logs

Bigsam enters meeting 10.59

Jspoel recommends screenshots

Peace suggests screenshots can be cumbersome and manipulated

Jasper claims screenshots are tricky

Neutrally sourced logs are clearer according to Peace

Pally suggests someone who can run a constant bot

We would need someone to run a server according to Gunny

Jspoel feels no need

Richie returns 11.01

Moving on as it is not relevant to E3

Radio station

Chad wants to make a radio station

No pop music because it costs licensing money

Follower suggests Wikia pays for it

Peace wants rickrolls what else is new

Chad wants promos (jingles) made if money is made available

All this would work with youtube

Jasper suggests keeping stuff in playlists

Jasper is planning new content for youtube

Non E3 thing

Chad gives Jasper the floor

Nukapedia trust idea

Money through merch, youtube and donations

Jasper suggests a minecraft realms server which costs £7 and require £1 to play on the server

Peace would be willing to make YT videos

Jspoel is the owner of the logo and wikia would need to sign off on the merch idea

He has copyright

Minecraft realms server costs £8

Obviously an optional thing

Suggestion of server being themed to fallout

Recreated megaton for spawn

Talk about splitting community features to other site if wikia akllows

Richie left at 11.34

Gunny will have limited time

Meeting adjourned at 11.25

Next meeting at 10pm, 1 week after BE3

Minutes of the Second MeetingEdit


Agent C


Archmage Neko

Covert General

Digital Utopia


Gaming Foxy









Oscar Karlsson


Peace’n Hugs

Red Lucy

Sarkhan the Sojourner



The Fourth Amigo

The Gunny

The Koromo


Vault girl76




Matters arising from the last meeting


• ->Consensus.

• ->Specialists Teams Content

• ->Shelter - Do we have all structural stuff in place

• ->Fallout 4 - What works is needed

• ->Image name conventions

• ->Referencing

• ->Front Page/Colours

• ->NavBar Personel

• ->Patrollers

• ->Admin Need?

• ->Chat Mod Need


• ->Wikia

• ->Contests


22.00 meeting called to order 22.00 Agenda 22.03 Meetings read, through linking the forum

WAM Score

We’re great

Matters arising from the last meeting

Chad felt we couldn’t compete with Beth’s stream so scrapped it

Radio stuff on the back burner

Did good on the twitter

Pally did great shots of the stream

Peace is tooting his own horn at his actions pre and post trailer

Hawk wants admin

Peace assumes everyone was sleeping at E3, but a similar thing could happen for FO4

Jasper doesn’t think it’s that big a deal

Chad would like another meeting pre FO3

Peace is worried admins will be playing when it’s released so wiki is succeptible to vandalism

Pally says “If you can’t play and admin, you shouldn’t be admin

Gunny is of a similar mind

Peace thinks we “fucked up” Shelter

Vault apparently did better than us according to Peace

Leaving release stuff to a later date


“This comes down from two issues, one people asking to do stuff they should just do, and others not talking about stuff on talk pages when maybe they should”-Chad

Jasper thinks this is Leon wanting to know what’s happening

Limmie wants to promote the use of Talk Pages

Gunny agrees

Limmie believes sometimes good faith mistakes are treated harshly

Peace thinks we revert too much useful content because most of it is “shit”

Digital thinks people don’t know what the site’s intent is

Limmie and Jasper think sassy edit summaries and comments are wrong

Chad agrees it should be professional

Jasper thinks not everything has to be talk pages as it is easier to explain in chat in some situations

Digital thinks making anons wary discourages editing

Neko thinks it’s easier to use short links to the problem than explain it when reverting edits as Wikipedia does

Pally says we do but nobody uses them

Neko thinks it should be enforced more

Chad believes if an issue is controversial and needs consensus that TP should be used

Jasper thinks TPs slow the process

Limmie says that TPs are for future user’s benefit

Chad says to use chat for simple reverts and TP for controversial ones

Jasper assumes Leon is paranoid that chat is being used to shape the wiki

Sarkhan the Sojourner (Leon) enters at 22.23

Neko reveals his elf fetish in a show of solidarity with Leon

The Ever Ruler joins at 22.25

Final decision from Chad is “Right, so have we talked out the consensus thing? Simple revert, chat to the person ok, something more, use the talk page to come to a decision”

Second opinions in chat are okay but are not consensus according to Chad

BrandonFox enters at 22.27

The Ever Ruler leaves at 22.27

Jasper wants to know when the current system has been misused

Gaming Foxy enters at 22.29

Gunny would like a specific example from Leon as to when policies and consensus were achieved in chat and claims chat was used to settle “long-standing speculation debates”

Leon cannot give a specific example

Kitty does not recall such an event

Chad is not privy to chat being used in such a way

Leon gives the example of Salient Green issue

Claims chat was used to strong arm an opinion over another

Chad links the TP and sees a consensus reached

Jasper asks if we had a forum and vote on how to handle speculation as it was a direct result of the debate

Leon says, and I am too lazy to summarise : “Anyways, I digress from this point in the agenda.

That is a settled matter, that has no need for further discussion. The reason why I said something earlier, not necessarily to have it in the meeting, is because of my concerns that chat would become a decision ground, over the regular wiki. A lot of things are too small. So who cares? But for bigger things, there are more people on the wiki than the chat”

Gunny says that as we have a specific example, we will look closer at it in the future

Specialist Teams

Gunny suggested this eg Bleep and bugs

Limmie asks isn’t this what projects are for

Peace prefers just editing

Neko suggests forming projects for handling tasks in a modular way

Chad recommends something less formal

A project system is better to use according to Neko

Limmie agrees

Chad believes it is a job for the pre launch meeting

Neko claims Team Bon Jovi for weapons


Peace says we’re missing a lot eg “Water and food”

Linc and Gunny are deferred to

Gunny’s issue is he doesn’t know what needs to be done and is creating things as they are brought to his attention

Chad can do screen grabbing

Kingclyde enters at 22.43

Jasper can edit once an android version is released as can Kern

Chad says FO Shelter characters should get a stub of the pages of the original games they are in, consensus is reached

Fallout 4

Chad asks what new items we need

Peace says “everything we find and still makes sense”

Templates are fine according to Gunny and Jasp

Hawk and Pally say we need to deal with mods

Eg laser pistol vs rifle

Peace says to wait and see

Dunc’s idea is to design a full page of weapon mod variants for a weapon and use tables

Jasp says we need to know the 50 base weapons first

Gunny suggests a forum for weapon mods

Leon, Clyde and Limmie agree with Jasper’s wait and see approach

Leon recommends using just the base article for weapons

Chad tables the item of the agenda


Shining recommends a switch from complex and bulky wiki-text based templates to a new system which allows infoboxes to be more properly displayed on both mobile and desktop devices.

Jasper thinks it’s ugly

Most disagree with Shining’s idea

Chad is leaving it to Shining for later to make up examples

Image naming conventions

Gunny says it’s inconsistent

Gunny thinks this merits a policy and forum

User images need to start with the user’s name

A forum will be made on the matter

Colour Scheme and aesthetics

Jasper thinks we what we have now is good as FO4 seems far more vibrant

Peace suggests making it changeable for users

Chad suggests a blue yellow colour scheme

Chad leaves colours with Gunny


The navbar is full and they cannot add Fallout Shelter

Leon recommends removing Lionheart

Chad will fold 1/2/Tac into "Classic"


Hawk and Kern believe references are important

Lolguy should be told to reference things

Jasp suggests banning Lolguy if he refuses

Lim thinks references shouldn’t be optional


Chad brings up that new cmods cannot be patrollers for 2 months

Chad wants to waive the rule for new Cmods to be patrollers

Eg for Hail and Kern

Hail and Kern are “The shizzle” according to Jasp

Every Cmod will become a full mod

Kern can’t be a patroller given he’s irish according to Hawk

Admin need

We’re good but digital may need to be temped for mediawiki or editing pages

Cmod need

We’re fine with no obvious gaps


Should we add Fallout-appropriate ads to the front page for FO4

Consensus is yes if it’s exclusive content to wikia/nukapedia yes, if it’s a rehash piece, no


Leon’s suggestion is up first

Leon wants to bring a competition to the wiki

It is a competition that will take place on many other communities. The Nerd Lair, Fallout Fanatics, Fallout: Keepers of the Lore, and The Vault are already involved.

In which 50 people from each community pitch their favourote fallout fan theory?

Prizes include a copy of Fallout 4 or the GotY edition, and a bunch of other Fallout merch

Chad thinks the workload of this is too high

Jasp is wondering who will make the prized (leon)

Pally asks how they will get 50 entries per wiki

Jasp has concerns over copyright and health and safety

Chad is worried about lawsuits given Beth sued for “Scrolls”

Chad thinks we should run a different competition, specific to Nukapedia and to encourage editing

Leon wants IPs checked which we cannot and will not do according to Jasp

The Escapist is on board with Leon’s idea

Chad’s idea involves good edits on a certain topic result in winning

Admins will be excluded

Chad will donate 100 pounds for a prize pool and other donations are welcome

Consensus is to put it on a forum and decide there


Jasper will put his minecraft server proposal in a blog

Meeting is adjourned at 00.03

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