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With the Fortune Finder perk, you'll find considerably more Nuka-Cola caps in containers than you normally would.— In-game description

Fortune Finder is a perks in Fallout: New Vegas.


With this perk, the Courier finds considerably more bottle caps in containers than they normally would. The increase in caps is managed by two leveled item lists - CapsChangeFortuneFinder and CapsFortuneFinder - which both have a 10% chance to add caps to a container.

The former list is used by nearly all ant refuse piles, cash registers, desks, footlockers, filing cabinets, gore bags, gun cabinets, lockers, metal boxes, and ruined school desks. If a roll for it succeeds, it will add a quantity from the list, which ranges from minimum 20 to maximum 80 caps.

The latter list is far less common and used almost exclusively by all variants of safes, it also scales with the player's level. If a roll for it succeeds, 110 additional caps are added to the container at level 1, and quantities from the list scale up to 190 caps maximum at level 9.

In the Dead Money add-on, the perk instead grants additional Sierra Madre chips using a specific pair of lists - NVDLC01ChipsChangeFortuneFinder and NVDLC01ChipsFortuneFinder - which work the same and have the same cap values as the original lists. The former list is used by most cash registers, desks, dressers, filing cabinets, footlockers, unlocked metal boxes, night stands, unlocked suitcases, and wardrobes found in and around the Sierra Madre Casino & Resort. The latter list is, again, far less common and only used by locked metal boxes and locked suitcases.


  • The 10% chance is calculated separately for every instance of a list within a container. This means that containers such as wall safes, which have multiple instances of Fortune Finder lists, will have a higher than 10% chance of containing an additional amount of caps.
  • The level scaling used by the CapsFortuneFinder list adds an additional, higher possible amount for every level except level 7, while at level 8 two additional possible amounts are added. This does not apply to the list added by Dead Money.