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The Fort Independence field reports are two holotapes in Fallout 3.


The tapes can be downloaded from a terminal in the main sector of Fort Independence.


Fort Independence field report 1

By Henry Casdin[1]

We've secured the building and are currently implementing our orders for the occupation of Fairfax. Raider activity in town has increased since we first took up positions in and around the fort. We've killed a lot of them and scared off others. But they just keep coming back. Their numbers seem limitless, while requests for our own reinforcements are repeatedly denied. That the Raiders take such continued risks to invade our facility appears to confirm suspicions that we've had an intelligence leak. They've tried tenaciously to infiltrate the base, but so far hadn't stood a chance. Our objective remains the same: protect the research personnel.

Fort Independence field report 2

By Rococo Rockfowl[2]

Defender Morgan and I executed a reconnaissance mission last night to gauge Raider entrenchment in the structural underground of Fairfax. We located three entrances into underground utility tunnels, and confirmed the enemy has occupied and fortified these positions. Some are undefended. We also identified a small weapons cache in the southeast section of the tunnels. We were compromised by a patrol while placing explosives here. In accordance to mission parameters, we did not engage, instead retreating to Base. Raiders will be likely to attach more patrols to that area now.

Behind the scenes

  • Both field reports are recorded by different voice actors than Casdin and Rockfowl's in-game dialogue. However, Casdin's field report mentions requests for reinforcements that are denied. As Casdin is the leader of the Outcasts, it does not make sense that he would have a superior that could deny reinforcements. Considering the voice discrepancies and this otherwise illogical request, it is possible that the field reports were recorded by other members of the Outcasts on Casdin and Rockfowl's behalf.
    • Both holodisks' speakers are listed as Matthew Scott in the game's files. Scott is voiced by Jeff Baker, who also appears to have voiced the second field report, which is attributed to Rococo Rockfowl. However, Rockfowl himself is actually voiced by Pete Papageorge in-game. The voice actor for the first field report is unknown.
  • There are unused text-only versions of both reports in-game.