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The Fort Hagen satellite array is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


At the southwestern base of the southwestern tower is the entrance to a military bunker, which holds a ham radio broadcasting the Civil Alert System Broadcast. Apart from that, the bunker contains only a military-grade circuit board, military-grade duct tape, a Novice locked ammo boxes and a Novice locked crate with minor loot. Two yao guai usually roam near the northeastern tower, though they usually sleep at night.


If Automatron is installed, the layout of this location will change. It will be controlled by the Rust Devils. The main gate now has a leveled machine gun turret. Further into the compound, there will be a raised hut with minor loot inside which will lead to a stairway, that goes up to the satellite dish. At the end of the stairways, there is a terminal to unlock the door at the base of the northern tower which leads to the Fort Hagen hangar. This terminal will not appear if the Sole Survivor has not started the quest Headhunting.

The entrance to the original military bunker (the one with a ham radio) is located under another satellite dish to the south.

Notable loot

  • North of the satellite array, and southwest of the federal ration stockpile, are the remains of a crashed jet fuselage, a tank, and an armored fighting vehicle. From around and inside the armored fighting vehicle, a total of 13 fragmentation mines can be recovered.

Related quest


The Fort Hagen satellite array appears only in Fallout 4 and its add-on Automatron.