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The Fort Hagen hangar is a sub-location of the Fort Hagen satellite array in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Just like the exterior array, the hangar is controlled by the Rust Devils and their creations. In addition, many traps and turrets are present, while the path is linear due to the Headhunting quest taking place here.

Upon entering, a set of stairs leads down into a small room. On the eastern side is an inaccessible door, which serves as the exit later. The path continues on the western side, with a trap next to the security gate, and a ramp leading down to the first of many enemies. At the end, there is another unlocked security gate on the eastern side, which leads into a large, two-story room with more hostiles.

Tank room

The ground level hosts a total of four derelict tanks. Immediately after entering, a set of blue double doors is located on the southern wall, which lead to a small infirmary. Further ahead, near the second tank on the southern side, are two power armor stations. Next to the infirmary's doors is a staircase with an Advanced locked terminal at the top, which can be used to open the sealed door. Behind it are a skeleton and an explosives box, located on a small outlook back in the previous room with the ramp.

Back on the ground level, there are two Expert locked security gates located on the northern wall, with two additional power armor stations between them, leading into a room with radioactive barrels. Alternatively, a set of stairs, leading to the upper level, are located next to a Novice locked security gate in the northwestern corner of the tank room. Using the stairs to reach the upper level, there is a single room, and the stairs found on the western side lead back into the previous room with the radioactive barrels. Another Advanced locked terminal is found on the western wall, unlocking the sealed door that leads to Jezebel.

Jezebel's quarter

This room houses both Jezebel and her protector Ahab. In addition, a multitude of Protectron pods as well as countless, mutilated robots are present.

After entering, there are three mannequins and a Jangles in a wheelchair down the stairs. On the northern side are two weapon workbenches, and a ramp leads up to the next level. To the west, Jezebel is found on a console, with Ahab behind her. The Rust Devil workshop terminal is found on the northern side, with two more weapon workbenches and an armor workbench being located on the southern side. In the southwestern corner is another security gate, which leads to some laser trip wires and to the generator room, past the double doors.

Generator room

The generator room houses five fusion generators. In the southeastern corner is a bed next to a chemistry station. In the northwestern corner are another bed, the Rust Devil gaming terminal, and an Advanced locked safe. The double doors on the southern side lead into the next room.

APC room

This room is rather spacious, and houses a total of four APCs. On the southern wall is another terminal, which unlocks the sealed door next to it. Behind it are two more power armor stations. Back in the central room, there is a cooking station between two APCs, and a shack containing Ivey's terminal in the southwestern corner. Stairs are located in the northwestern corner, leading up to several laser trip wires and Assaultron totems, with another two sets of stairs leading further up and to a security gate in the northeastern corner.

Ivey's chamber

Past it, there is another gate and some stairs leading into a small room. On its eastern side is another gate, leading to a walkway with more traps, which subsequently leads to Ivey's chamber, located above the tank room. Ivey is present here during the Headhunting quest, with the room being empty on subsequent visits. There are also one weapon and one armor workbench.

The security gate on the southern side leads into a room, which has an Expert locked gate near the eastern wall, and a green steamer trunk in another cage. To the west is the previously locked door, which leads back into the very first room.

Notable loot

  • An overdue book can be found in the small infirmary in the room with the tanks. It sits on the bed near the western wall.
  • Suit of leveled power armor with a fusion core between the two Expert locked gates, between the tank room and shelved radioactive barrels.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox is hidden in an orange trolley in the southeastern corner of the room with the radioactive waste barrels. It contains a little Easter egg scene with one teddy bear reading a bedtime story to another.
  • Hazmat suit tucked in behind the radioactive waste barrels on the lower shelves.
  • Jezebel interview holotape can be found in the same room as Jezebel and Ahab, next to the Rust Devil workshop terminal.
  • Sentry Ahab's helm, a unique sentry bot head mod, can be looted off of Ahab.
  • Two fusion cores, one inside a generator in the generator room, and one near the exit, on a shelf near the green steamer trunk.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum, in the generator room next to the gaming terminal.
  • Automatron, a holotape game found inside the gaming terminal, in the generator room.
  • A Tesla rifle and Tesla armor pieces are can be looted from the body of Ivey.
  • Assaultron blade, salvaged Assaultron head and Mr. Handy buzz blade, found in the green steamer trunk, only during Headhunting.
  • Fat Man and two mini nukes behind an Expert locked security cage in the final room after confronting Ivey.


  • On subsequent visits, Ahab is replaced with a leveled sentry bot.
  • A jukebox is located underneath the first ramp leading up to Ahab.


The Fort Hagen hangar appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.