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The Fort Hagen Command Center is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located within Fort Hagen.


The Command Center is a large underground complex beneath Fort Hagen occupied by synths; it is only accessible after the main quest Reunions has been started. The complex is initially accessed through a door in the basement of the fort, and may later also be reached from an elevator on the roof.

From the small entrance room, a tunnel leads deeper into the facility. The tunnel soon opens into a narrow mezzanine overlooking the main command center room to the north, which is initially inaccessible beyond two pairs of sealed security doors; a fifth sealed security door is at the eastern end of the mezzanine. An east-west corridor through a doorway to the south is guarded by a turret, and has two rooms along its length. The first room at the east end of the corridor is a small barracks connected to a locker room containing a storage cage behind a Novice-locked security gate. An Expert-locked terminal in the barracks may be used to unlock the gate and deactivate the six turrets in the facility. The second room at the west end of the corridor is a large restroom and shower area.

A short stairway descending to the south between the two rooms is guarded by another turret at the intersection with a second east-west corridor. At the east end of this corridor just before an impassable pile of rubble is a small office. Following the corridor to the west, another door on the north side leads to a small generator room and an adjoining utility room. Just past these rooms in the corridor is another turret at a turning to the south, followed by a small infirmary to the west and a cafeteria and connected kitchen to the east. Across the corridor opposite the cafeteria to the west is a narrow red-lit passage leading to a skeleton and a toolbox.

Continuing down the short stairway at the end of the corridor leads to a long maintenance tunnel heading east. At the top of another short stairway at the end of the tunnel is the armory, guarded by a turret. The nearby Master-locked terminal may be used to open the armory's sealed security door, with a second Novice-locked security gate inside the armory dividing it into two sections. Next to the armory along the corridor to the east is a bedroom containing a Novice-locked terminal controlling the three nearest turrets, while at the eastern end of the corridor is a small reception area with the facility's final two turrets. Another bedroom and a laundry room are beyond the door to the south, while through the door to the north is a circular office converted into a third bedroom featuring Institute-style furniture.

The short corridor to the north leads to the main command center itself, where Conrad Kellogg and two synths will be waiting for the Sole Survivor. The large room contains a trunk and Kellogg's terminal, which may only be accessed with the password recovered from Kellogg. The terminal may be used to open the five security doors to the south, allowing access to the elevator to the roof of Fort Hagen. Another terminal outside the elevator on the roof opens the adjacent previously inaccessible security door.

Notable loot


When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated near the area's entrance at the door to the command center mezzanine.

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "This must be where all the top brass hung out while the soldiers were dyin' on the surface."
Codsworth Impressively still intact here. A wonder it wasn't a direct target."
Curie "I wonder where all the soldiers went."
Danse "The equipment down here seems to be fairly intact. I wonder if any of it still operational."
Deacon "The good old American military. Destroying the world since 2077."
John Hancock "Fancy room for a bunch of soldiers."
Nick Valentine "Some folks never lose their fondness for living in the basement."
Piper Wright "Place is in surprisingly good shape, considering."
Preston Garvey "I wonder how this place missed getting hit during the war. Seems like it would have been a prime target."
Robert MacCready "All this high-tech equipment, and they still couldn't figure out how stupid it was to push the button."
X6-88 "All of these computers put together wouldn't match the processing power of one Institute terminal."


The Fort Hagen Command Center appears only in Fallout 4.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One As with many elevators in the game, sometimes, when one enters the elevator to the roof and presses the elevator button, the elevator will close but then run forever. This may be related to the positioning of the player character and/or their companion when starting the elevator. Having your companion get in first and move to the back of the elevator, then issuing the stay command, may prevent the bug from occurring. Jumping around inside the elevator may also cause it to become "unstuck." [verified]