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In the years before the War, Fort Hagen was an important military command facility. Today, it is used as a base of operations for Kellogg, the cybernetically-enhanced mercenary employed by the Institute.Fallout 4 loading screen hint

Fort Hagen is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The fort plays a key part in the main quest, being Conrad Kellogg's headquarters.[1] Depending on the point in the game when the fort is approached, its exterior may be defended by five turrets mounted on its roof.

Several ruined exterior structures surround the main fort building, including entrance checkpoint pillboxes to the east and far to the southeast, barracks and administration buildings and a swimming pool among several houses to the north, a bar nearby to the northeast, a playground nearby to the southeast, an inaccessible shopping mall nearby to the south, a pair of warehouses with four power armor stations far to the south, a bus stop nearby to the southwest, a building with a cooking station and a tank outside nearby to the northwest, and a bus station up the hill to the northwest. These structures contain minor loot. Also in the immediate area are several more significant locations, including the Boston mayoral shelter, Fort Hagen filling station, Fort Hagen satellite array, Greater Mass blood clinic, and Relay tower 0BB-915.

The interior of the fort is occupied by synths, and may be accessed through either the garage or the roof. The garage route bypasses the synths on the second floor and the roof turrets if present, but also bypasses notable loot. The garage is southwest of the blocked main entrance, and contains a chemistry station, a bed, and a dead settler on the lower level south of the door leading to the basement of the interior of Fort Hagen. The roof entrance can be reached by climbing the scaffolding on the northwest side of the building to a hatch on the east side of the roof, which leads to the second floor of the interior of the fort.

Upon entering the second floor through the roof hatch, a small kitchen is to the east, and a restroom is to the west. Heading north into the short corridor beyond the broken wall, the large office to the east includes a cooking station, a sleeping bag, an Advanced-locked wall safe, and another hole in the northern wall leading to an adjacent room occupied by a turret. West of the corridor is a room mostly empty save for two broken Nuka-Cola machines. Both rooms connect to another room to the north which has a hole in the floor; the hole and a nearby stairwell guarded by a turret to the west allow access to the first floor.

A Protectron can be found and activated in the stairwell on the first-floor landing using a nearby Novice-locked terminal. However, it will not attack synths, but instead may turn against the player character. Continuing down the stairwell to the basement level leads to the garage entrance and a chained door opposite that may not be opened from this side. Returning to the first-floor landing and passing through the northern door to a corridor, another chained door near a storage closet to the west initially prevents progress in that direction. An Advanced-locked floor safe can be found near the eastern end of a series of offices through a second door across the corridor to the north. South of these offices is a small reception area, with a room featuring display cases and Revolutionary War-era portraits next to the stairwell to the west, and a large communal office space to the southeast containing a chemistry station at its eastern end. A water fountain that does not inflict radiation damage when used is on the wall south of the display case area.

Beyond a small unisex restroom to the west is a larger room with a turret among some exposed pipes. Continuing through a broken wall to the southwest corner of the floor then heading north leads to a room lined with computer consoles; in the center of the room is an Advanced-locked terminal with an active mine under it and a green trunk next to it. The terminal may be used to deactivate the nearby turret and open the security door to a storage cage at the northeastern end of the room. Across from the security door is the chained door leading back to the corridor outside the stairwell that can be opened from this side. If the main quest Reunions has been started or already completed, an elevator to the basement will be accessible at the northeast end of the room near the storage cage. If Reunions has not yet been started, the elevator will be blocked by wooden bars.

Exiting the elevator in the basement, a pipe-lined passage passes the chained door leading back to the garage entrance and stairwell on the left. A second door farther south also on the east side of the passage opens to a mechanical room with armor and weapons workbenches on the east and south walls. Between the two doors in the passage is a Tesla trap triggered by a laser tripwire. In the room at the southern end of the passage is a staircase heading down guarded by a turret. Behind the security gate at the bottom of the staircase is another Tesla trap activated by the tension trigger outside the gate. Heading down another set of stairs leads to another security gate, again guarded by a turret. At the end of the following short corridor is a door leading to the Fort Hagen Command Center. Until Reunions is active, the door is blocked by a plywood barrier.

Notable loot

  • Guns and Bullets issue #2 - In the kitchen in the southeast corner of the second floor near the roof entrance, on a table.
  • FLL3 turbopump bearings - If the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution is active, Fort Hagen may be selected from among a list of radiant locations to find the part. If the fort is selected, the bearings will be found inside the green trunk near the Advanced-locked terminal in the room with the elevator to the basement.

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  • The areas to the west, north, and northeast of Fort Hagen may randomly spawn very dangerous enemies, including a sentry bot, a super mutant behemoth, and/or a patrol of leveled Gunners which may be accompanied by a Gunner commander wearing power armor.
  • Judging by the warehouses, armored vehicles, and multiple power armor stations, Fort Hagen was likely home to units from one of the U.S. Army's armored divisions.
  • While using Dogmeat to track Kellogg during Reunions, he may remain in front of Fort Hagen's blocked main doors after arrival, and will not obey commands to follow or return to a settlement. After completing the quest, he should follow the Sole Survivor again.
  • The announcer in the elevator will only ever say "Going up," although the elevator cycles between floors. The floors are announced, but are garbled randomly as "Bwaaarbub Floor," "Kzztth Floor," and "POP ZZT Kthloor."


Fort Hagen only appears in Fallout 4.


Fort Hagen exterior

Fort Hagen interior


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