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The Fort Atlas terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Fort Atlas (formerly ATLAS Observatory) in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.

Paladin Rahmani's terminal

Note: This desk terminal is located on a metal table on the second floor of Fort Atlas, near the large map on the wall. It is a level 0 locked terminal.


Select log to access:


We're here, we've finally arrived. The state of Appalachia is surprising, to say the least. It's a lush landscape compared to the bleak Wasteland that we've had to trek through. This is a promising location to establish a new Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel chapter. We had a good stockpile of supplies here upon arrival, thanks to Russell Dorsey and his unwavering support of our cause, but there is much to be done around Fort Atlas.

I plan to focus my efforts on establishing relations with the existing factions here in Appalachia, especially with the Settlers that reside in Foundation. Managing relations with the Raiders in The Crater will be... arduous, to say the least, but is a challenge that I'm ready for. Gaining the favor of the people in this region will make it easier for us to recruit and to fortify our position. Luckily, we have already attracted the attention of many hopefuls and would-be Initiates.

The people of Appalachia need our help, and I look forward to aiding them. They have already begun coming to Fort Atlas requesting assistance. I've charged Knight Shin with receiving the requests, and I must admit that his distaste for public relations is quite amusing to me.

They're Back

Note: This entry appears only once Disarming Discovery is completed.

The weapons. They have found their way into the hands of both Blood Eagle Raiders and the Raiders of Crater. It is of utmost importance that we keep these weapons out of the hands of any Raiders, I do not trust their intentions with that sort of weaponry. I have tasked our newest Initiate and Knight Shin with taking care of this matter.

As the superior officer of this unit, I can't help but feel some responsibility for their spread across Appalachia. These weapons have already claimed many lives, including one of our own. I will make sure that we contain this wildfire before more people get burned by our mistakes.

On Foundation

Note: This entry is conditional. This variant appears only once The Best Defense is completed with the player character making the decisions to either pay to resolve the situation or have the Brotherhood pledge to protect Foundation.

I recently had the chance to speak with Paige, the de factor leader of Foundation, about the arrangement that was settled on. We will begin receiving shipments of food soon, and in exchange, I've agreed to have at least one team of Initiates check on Foundation's parameter each day. It's a slower start than Paige would have liked, but with all that's happened here, it's the best I can spare. More than ever, it's good to have made some friends in the region, so I'll continue my support there as best I can.

Note: This entry is conditional. This variant appears only once The Best Defense is completed with the player character making the decisions to either get the Brotherhood weapons back without trading or letting Foundation keep the weapons.

I've spoken with Paige from Foundation regarding the weapons left in their care. I was unable to coax them out of giving the weapons up, but I've gotten their commitment on preventing further accidents with the weapons. It's not the result I hoped for, but it would appear our relationship with them is stable... for now.

Note: This entry is conditional. This variant appears only once The Best Defense is completed with the player character making the decisions to either treat Foundation to the weapons, or not do anything at all.

I've apologized to Paige, the de facto leader of Foundation, on behalf of the Brotherhood. He didn't seem keen on pursuing any further deal with us, but at the very least I think I have quelled any hostility. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure the Brotherhood aren't seen as thugs with them- or any residents of Appalachia. This interaction will need to remain an example of how NOT to approach these problems in the future.

Note: This entry is conditional. This variant appears only once The Best Defense is completed with the player character making the decision to have Foundation trained by the Brotherhood.

I recently had the chance to speak with Paige, the de factor leader of Foundation, about the arrangement that was settled on. I made it clear that any signs of outward aggression toward The Crater would result in us reexamining the deal. The training we provide is for defense; we will not be fighting a proxy war with the Raiders. Paige was hesitant to bring it up, but it appears a few members of Foundation expressed desire to join our ranks. This is relieving to hear, though I suspect it may create some tension between us and the settlement if the scales tip too greatly in our favor.

Our Future in Appalachia

Note: This entry appears only once The Best Defense is completed.

The Chain has been broken. We are free from the grips of the Elders. We now carve our own future here in Appalachia, and define what the Brotherhood of Steel stands for by our own actions.

I have cut more than my ties with the Elders, though: Daniel believes it's his duty to have me removed from my position... But it's only a matter of time before he too feels the freedom we have now-- to have that weight lifted from our shoulders. He'll come around. He just needs to see the truth for himself.

This sudden mutant attack may have blindsided us, but it's just a reminder of our need to be vigilant, to stick together. The Brotherhood will stand firm for the peace and safety of Appalachia, no matter what may try to knock us down.

Scribe Valdez's terminal

FO76SD Fort Atlas (Scribe Valdez's terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on a white table on the second floor of Fort Atlas, in Valdez's lab. It is locked and requires Hacker rank 3. During the quest Property Rights the terminal can be accessed with Scribe Valdez's terminal password.


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Atlas Observatory Archives

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> Loading archive...

Text Archive: LTC James Oberlin

System Authorized to:
LTC James Oberlin

> Loading archive...

Report [1-24-76]

LTC James Oberlin Reporting as Chief Army Scientific Advisor to the ATLAS Program, replacing MAJ Kirk Bentley, who was deemed unfit for the role.

The ATLAS program is moving slower than expected. I'm here to do what I can to step it into gear.

It is by my discretion that Washington will cut funding if the prototype does not yield scaleable results by April. We should not continue to pay for construction of the ATLAS Accelerator if the technology turns out to be incompatible.

> Loading...

Report [3-12-76]

Prototype results have yielded moderate success. Dr. Hammond has succeeded in initiating light rainfall across a significant localized area.

Funding for the ATLAS Program will continue under the condition that Dr. Hammond invest more research into more high energy weather conditions.

I've given ATLAS engineers the go-ahead to initateIn-game spelling constuctionIn-game spelling of the accelerator while we continue to improve the underlying technology of the ATLAS system. However, in an effort to light a fire under their ass, I've made it clear that funding could dry up if we encounter any more significant development delays.

> Loading...

Report [08-20-76]

Dr. Hammond has been able to produce a wide variety of weather conditions based on the data his team has been bringing into the lab.

The latest prototype resulted in near-whiteout blizzard conditions, an unusual occuranceIn-game spelling in mid-August. Some of the local media is picking up on it, but nothing has been directed our way. Security is tight and I trust the personnel here to keep things under wraps. The automated security system we've installed has a way of discouraging loose lips.

I've got a meeting tomorrow with the top brass back in Washington to go over military application for this technology. The localized prototype won't be much use in a war, but could prove useful during small skirmishes or certain clandestine operations.

> Loading...

Report [8-17-77]

The ATLAS Project has been fully approved and funded for military applications.

This could prove to be a massive asset in the war effort against China. Imagine blanketing the nation in thick black clouds until the crops die out, wiping out naval ports with typhoons, or sending fierce lightning storms against vulnerable air bases to ground air units. Heck, we can even deploy ATLAS to quell any potential domestic uprisings. The sky's the limit here.

It is my assessment that the ATLAS system will diminish the threat of all-out nuclear war. No one would believe that a string of bad weather is under our control.

More bodies are being thrown at the ATLAS Accelerator, so we can hasten its production. Current projections place a completion date in the first quarter of next year.

> Loading...

Report [10-18-77]

Two days ago, I received a letter from my superiors in Washington. From completely out of the blue, they were shutting ATLAS down. I was in total shock. I read the details and it was filled with the usual bullshit phrases like 'cost-cutting measures', 'risk assessment ratios' and 'taxpayer responsibilities.' It also said further instructions would follow.

This honestly doesn't make a bit of sense. I've decided to wait to discuss this with Dr. Hammond, as I'm certain hearing the news will send him off the deep end.

> Loading...

Report [10-22-77]

As expected, I've received a follow-up letter from my commanding officer. I was to go back through all the data that Dr. Hammond collected and adjust the values and the results so that ATLAS looked like a failure.

Why were they burying the project that could shift the focus of the war? Why were they suddenly being so covert about the whole thing? I had a million questions, but I knew better than to call Washington and ask. Orders are orders.

I just broke the news to Hammond and he instantly flew into a rage. I had to get a couple of MP's to restrain him, I thought he was going literally kill me. Fortunately, he calmed down and then walked off the property without a word. I don't know if he'll be back or not, but I still have a job to do.

> Loading...

Text Archive: Dr. Isaac Hammond

After the incident with Maj Bently,In-game spelling I decided I need a place to informally vent my thoughts before sending them out. REPEAT: DO NOT SEND!

> Loading archive...

Progress Report

Here's your progress report: Good science takes time! Don't come to me and say it's going slower than you expected, Lt Col Oberlin. Science doesn't care about your deadlines, it cares about results, and so far, the results align with my expectations.

I'm not stupid, I know why the Air Force is involved with this project now, and I also know you can't do it without me!


The prototype works. We can't just package that up and implement it as-is. I would expect you, of all people, to understand why it was a necessary first step before we throw all our resources at the ATLAS proper! You can have it done quickly, you can have it done under budget, or you can have it done right, but you can only pick two of those, at best.

Lt. Marcs

Lt. Marcs,

I know this may be considered highly unprofessional of me, but I must say it's a relief working with someone who truly understands the work we're doing here. I'm sick of the other Air Force pea-brains here. Most of them don't know what a nephelometer is, let alone know how to calibrate one.

Would you consider dinner and drinks sometime, maybe? I have some concerns with the project, and I'd like to speak privately with someone I respect. It would also give us a chance to get to know one another a little more.


Note: I overheard they may be shutting us down. Maybe I'll actually end up sending this one if that's true. Or maybe, it's better to just leave quietly. Haven't decided yet.


Holotape Archive: ATLAS Research Log #104

Note: Accessing this entry gives the player character the holotape ATLAS Research Log 104, this option is not available after Steel Dawn is activated.

Stored Holotape: "ATLAS Research Log #104"
Author: Dr. Isaac Hammond

Recovered from ATLAS Observatory (now the Brotherhood's Fort Atlas).

Eject stored Holotape?

Holotape Archive: ATLAS Research Log #293

Note: Accessing this entry gives the player character the holotape ATLAS Research Log #293, this option is not available after Steel Dawn is activated.

Stored Holotape: "ATLAS Research Log #293"
Author: Dr. Isaac Hammond

Recovered from ATLAS Observatory (now Fort Atlas).

Eject stored Holotape?

Brotherhood: Chapter Scrolls

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PALADIN Rahmani, Leila

Rank: Paladin
Name: Rahmani, Leila

Former US National Guard. Paladin Rahmani is a bold leader who cares for the people. She is renowned for decisive action and inventive tactics.

Though sometimes criticized by leadership as reckless, no one can deny her record of success. This and her approachability have made her very popular among the rank-and-file.

After outstanding service to the Brotherhood, her requests for an Appalachian expedition were granted by the Council of Elders, and she was given command.

> Loading scroll...

KNIGHT Shin, Daniel

Rank: Knight
Name: Shin, Daniel

Driven and dedicated, Knight Shin is a model member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

While his focus and commitment is sometimes off-putting to other members (especially new recruits), it has earned him the respect of Brotherhood leadership. His actions have drawn praise from the Council of Elders and even Elder Maxson, himself.

Knight Shin was recruited from the Mojave Wasteland, where his valor caught the eye of Knight Connors, who brought him into the fold.

> Loading scroll...

KNIGHT Connors, Alan

Rank: Knight
Name: Connors, Alan

Former US National Guard, as a subordinate of Paladin Rahmani. Known for his wise counsel, he followed the Paladin into service in the Brotherhood.

A noted peacekeeper and negotiator, Knight Connors was a valued member of the Brotherhood as a whole and the Appalachia expedition in particular. He had a calming presence and was skilled at defusing disputes.

Killed in action valorously protecting Knight Shin and others from raider attack. Recommend highest possible honors.

> Loading scroll...

KNIGHT Thornberry, Matthew

Rank: Knight
Name: Thornberry, Matthew

Knight Thornberry is an exemplar of courage, whose actions early in this expedition saved friendly lives and salvaged valuable technology.

He personally rescued captured Brotherhood members from torture at the hands of hostile raiders in the Sierra Nevada, and furthermore recovered many valuable fusion cores and energy weapons from the enemy.

Paladin Rahmani charged Knight Thornberry with escorting the rescued members back home and seeing to their recovery, a task he eagerly accepted.

A caring man with the mind of a Scribe and the heart of a lion, we miss his presence dearly. While no longer part of this expedition, his deeds will continue to live in these Scrolls.

> Loading scroll...

SCRIBE Valdez, Odessa

Rank: Scribe
Name: Valdez, Odessa

This expedition's Scribe and the keeper of these Scrolls.

Scribe Valdez's parents (early recruits known as the "Knights Valdez") enlisted her in the Brotherhood as an apprentice Scribe at a young age. Under the tutelage of Scribe Hailey Takano, she learned to perform her role satisfactorily, taking a special interest in the operation of Vertibirds and other flying machines.

Scribe Valdez volunteered for this expedition in place of Scribe Takano, who was unable to join due to health and other concerns.

> Loading scroll...

Scribe Valdez - Personal Logs

Select log to access:

> Loading logs...


Appalachia. After so many months, we're finally here.

We came expecting the worst. The Scorched plague, utter desolation. I remember sitting by Scribe Takano as we listened to each new communication from Paladin Taggerdy's chapter.

Every attempt to fight the Scorched brought failure and loss. Paladin Taggerdy, as strong as she was, sounded more desperate every time we heard her.

I grew to understand why my parents insisted I stay a Scribe. I couldn't help but be thankful I was safe in my bunker, and not out fighting THAT.

Still, as the years passed, I couldn't help but yearn for the adventurous life of my peers.

When the time finally came for our expedition east, I jumped at the chance. Scribe Takano wanted to go, but I insisted she stay, for her health. Even if she did make it all the way here, I think the grief would be too much for her.

I'll admit I was surprised when we arrived - it was more than desolation.

There were people. Settlers and Raiders, and those caught in between. The Scorched are present, but there are rumors a cure. Some vault dwellers - America's best and brightest - concocted an inoculation and spread it among the people here.

I'm skeptical, of course. After all the horror I heard on that radio, how could I not be? But I can't deny that Appalachians have found a way to survive.

We came here for knowledge. Maybe that starts with learning from them?

ATLAS Observatory

We've set up base in the old ATLAS Observatory. "Fort Atlas," we've named it. I like the name. It sounds strong.

This place was always on our list of targets. We know it's not just here for stargazing. The old regime was building something here, and we need to find out what.

My first task is to do some research - start rooting through old terminal entries, and catalog any old Holotapes we find lying around.

I've started an archive on this terminal to that effect. Hopefully some juicy leads turn up soon.

The New Appalachian Brotherhood

Note: This entry is conditional, appearing only once The Best Defense is completed.

We're in trouble. Paladin Rahmani destroyed the transmitter we needed to contact California, and Knight Shin is in open revolt against her leadership. Have we doomed the new Appalachian Brotherhood already? We only just arrived!

No, I can't let that happen. There has to be a way to cool everyone's heads and resolve this peacefully. The threat of the Wasteland bought us some time... neither side is going to run off on their own when those Super Mutant things could come knocking again. No one wants to abandon the whole group just yet.

I wish my parents were here. For all their rigidity, they always knew what to do, what was right. They wouldn't hesitate. I'm sure that's what Knight Shin admires in the Brotherhood.

I say that, but would they really be so decisive? And what would they think about Paladin Rahmani's motives? Didn't they rebel themselves, when the Brotherhood was founded?

Ugh, second guessing things won't do any good. We're on our own now, we can't rely on my parents, the Elders, or anyone else to fix our problems for us.

The future of this Brotherhood is in our hands. Think, Valdez, you'll come up with something. Right?

Atlas central processing lab

Note: This blue console terminal is located in an office in the ATLAS substructure. It is associated with the quest Mother of Invention.

ATLAS - Central Processing

Input command:

CPU Management


Processor Model: USA0001-C
Processor ID: C221491E-4076-EAEA-216B90

Power: Active

No response from this system. Maintenance recommended.

[Intelligence 8+] Execute Full CPU Removal Protocol

Note: This entry requires an Intelligence of 8 or above to access. It will result in the player character acquiring a good condition CPU.


Eject CPU


Emergency Eject CPU


Power Down and Eject CPU


CPU Management

ERROR: Component not found.

Power Status

Note: This entry is displayed if Mother of Invention has not yet been completed.


ATLAS system power is operational. Power output is 150% above expected levels and 350% above required levels. Output efficiency is 25% due to undiagnosed pathway failures.

Recommend thorough examination and repair of conduit pathways to restore suitable level of output efficiency.

Note: This entry is displayed if Mother of Invention has already been completed.


ATLAS system power is operating on backup power. Primary power output is insufficient to maintain system operations.

Central Processing does not detect the primary ATLAS power source. Recommend investigation and replacement.

Operation Logs

Operation Logs:

[1-27-76]: Prototype test run - mixed results
[2-14-76]: Prototype test run - positive results
[2-28-76]: Prototype test run - positive results
[3-01-76]: CPU firmware updated
[3-10-76]: Prototype test run - positive results
[4-12-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - mixed results
[5-12-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - mixed results
[6-16-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - negative results
[6-24-76]: CPU firmware updated
[7-04-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - positive results
[7-31-76]: Power generator upgrade - positive results
[8-24-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - positive results
[9-01-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - mixed results
[9-15-76]: CPU firmware updated
[9-20-76]: ATLAS Accelerator test - mixed results

Atlas diagnostics terminal

Note: This blue console terminal is located on the lower level of the ATLAS substructure, near ATLAS decommission report #01. It is associated with the quest Mother of Invention.

ATLAS - Diagnostics Assessment Station

Input command:

Run Diagnostics Check

Note: This entry is displayed if Mother of Invention has not yet been completed. Accessing it advances the quest by completing the "Run a diagnostics check" objective and contributing to the "Learn about the ATLAS Project" objective.


Check complete.

Key Component Status:

Core Processing Unit: DEFUNCT

Note: This entry is displayed if Mother of Invention has already been completed.


Process failed