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This is a transcript for dialogue with Otho.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Male PC} You here to fight in the arena? Then you're talking to the right man. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Female PC} What do you want from me, woman? I'm in charge of the arena, not the cooking pots. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 As expected, it wasn't much of a fight, but what can you expect from slaves? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 A good fight. Some NCR troopers can be competent fighters. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Unbelievable. You stood against a Ranger in single combat and survived. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {Caesar dead} {KAI-zar} Caesar was a great man, but the Legion will become even greater with Legate Lanius at its head. 6
GREETING Happy 5 {Caesar cured, Male PC} You've done the Legion a great service by healing whatever was wrong with {KAI-zar} Caesar. 7
GREETING Disgust 5 {Caesar cured, Female PC} {contempt} A woman actually proved useful for once. {KAI-zar} Caesar was bold to put his life in your hands. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you need from me? 9
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic000 What can you tell me about the Legate? Neutral 50 A great warrior. When he was but a recruit, I watched him kill ten men in the arena with his bare hands. 10
Neutral 50 He doesn't feel pain and he never, ever shows mercy. If all Legionaries were like him, the Legion would be invincible. 11
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic001 What do you know about the Burned Man? Neutral 50 {Male PC} It's not something we like to speak of. The Burned Man was our greatest warrior, even greater than Legate Lanius, but he failed {KAI-zar} Caesar at the Dam. 12
Neutral 50 He's been dead for several years now, but the rumor is that {KAI-zar} Caesar has scouts out looking for him all the same. The Burned Man was a very tough man. 13
What do you know about the Burned Man? Anger 50 {Female PC} Ask someone else, woman. 14
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic009 Okay. Let's fight. Neutral 50 {player said something dumb} No, imbecile, that's not how it works. I set up the fights, then you go in the arena and fight. 15
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic010 Tell me more about the arena. Neutral 50 Such as? 16
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic012 Do you have a problem with women? Neutral 50 {Female PC} Women are beneath notice, as {KAI-zar} Caesar has taught us. I'm only allowing you to speak to me because you are {KAI-zar's} Caesar's guest. 17
Neutral 50 I may yet, if {KAI-zar} Caesar commands it. 18
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic015 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Go. 19
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic016 That's enough about the arena. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Like what? 20
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic017 What are the rules? Neutral 50 Light armor and machetes only. The challenger - the one who asks to enter the arena - may be pitted against one or more opponents. 21
Neutral 50 All matches continue until one side is dead. No exceptions. 22
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic018 Who does the fighting? Neutral 50 Most of the time it's some young Legionary trying to make a name for himself, hoping to get noticed by Caesar or the Praetorians. 23
Neutral 50 We pit slaves or prisoners against each other once in awhile, but it's not much of a show. They're usually too reluctant to kill each other. 24
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic020 What do you do? Neutral 50 I set up the fights, keep track of prisoners available, and make sure the arena's cleaned up. 25
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic021 I'd like to fight in the arena. Anger 10 {Player is a woman} Know your place, woman. Unlike the Profligates of the NCR, only {emphasis "men"} men fight in the Legion. 26
I'd like to fight in the arena. Neutral 50 {Player has companion} Only you may enter. Tell your companion to wait and speak to me again. 27
I'd like to fight in the arena. Neutral 50 That can be arranged. You will be facing off against a couple of disobedient slaves - not much of challenge, but it might be entertaining to watch. 28
I'd like to fight in the arena. Neutral 50 There's a captured NCR trooper available - Sergeant Andrews. He's already been challenged once and survived, so he should be a worthy opponent. 29
I'd like to fight in the arena. Neutral 50 I have a dangerous one for you - an NCR Ranger by the name of Stella. We got lucky, since we rarely capture Rangers alive. 30
Neutral 50 Even though she's a woman, she's killed every man who's faced her in the arena, even one of the elite Centurions. With her bare hands. 31
I'd like to fight in the arena. Neutral 50 Sorry, but there's nobody left who'd even be a challenge for you. 32
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic022 I'm ready. Neutral 50 Remember the rules: light armor and machetes only. And, of course, to the death. 33
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic023 Got it. I'm ready. Neutral 50 Good luck. 34
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic024 I need some time to prepare. Neutral 50 Very well. 35
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic025 Never mind. Neutral 50 All right. Did you want something else? 36
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic026 I'm ready. Neutral 50 Careful in there - he's tougher than he looks. 37
VFreeformTheFortFortOthoTopic028 I'm ready. Neutral 50 Watch out for her - she's one of the deadliest fighters I've ever seen. 38


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Go. 39