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This is a transcript for dialogue with Melody.


GREETING GREETING Fear 50 {quiet, shy - nervous young girl} I can't talk to you. It's not allowed. 1
GREETING Sad 50 {Player destroyed Sergeant Teddy} {tearful} I don't want to talk to you! I hate you! 2
GREETING Happy 50 {brightening up - she's seeing a friend} Hi! 3
GREETING Fear 50 {quiet, shy - nervous young girl} I'm still not allowed to talk to you. 4
< Speech - 50 >
I'm a friend. It's okay for you to talk to friends, right? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I guess that's okay. Um, if you're a friend, can you help me? 5
I just have some questions. It'll probably be okay to talk to me. Fear 50 [FAILED] I'm not allowed to talk to you. Bye. 6
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic002 {Child At Heart}Don't worry - I won't tell on you if you don't tell on me. Happy 25 Okay. Um... do you think you could help me? 7
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic003 {Dumb PC}Moo! That's what Brahmin say. Happy 50 {giggles} They do say that! I guess you can be my friend. 8
Neutral 50 Um... can you help me? 9
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic010 What do you do here? Neutral 50 Um... I help take care of the Brahmin. I sometimes bring water and food to people. Um... that's it. 10
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic011 What did you need help with? Neutral 50 Antony took Sergeant Teddy away and gave him to the stinky dogs. I want him back! 11
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic012 Uhh... wouldn't Sergeant Teddy be dead? Neutral 50 He's a toy. I'm not a baby, you know. 12
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic013 They let you have toys here? Neutral 50 I kept him secret, but I think somebody told on me. 13
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic014 I can't help you with that right now. Sad 50 Oh, okay. 14
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic015 I'll see what I can do. Neutral 50 Thanks! 15
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic016 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Bye. 16
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic018 I got Sergeant Teddy - he's a little chewed up. Happy 50 That's okay, I'll fix him! Can I have him now? 17
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic019 Here you go. Neutral 50 Thank you! 18
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic020 Not so fast. What will you give me for him? Neutral 50 But... I don't have anything. I thought you were my friend! 19
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic021 Why did Antony take him away? Neutral 50 Antony said he was punishing me for trying to hide it from the Legion. 20
VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic022 < Tear Sergeant Teddy in half. > Sad 100 {crying} Sergeant Teddy! 21