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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dale Barton.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 So you're the visitor I've heard some of the Legionaries talking about. If you're in the mood to trade, just say the word. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Caesar dead} I've heard some bad stories about this Legate. I'm not sure I'll be welcome around here once he takes charge. 2
GREETING Happy 5 {Caesar cured} Never had you pegged as the doctor-type. Guess I know who to come to now when I get sick. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Howdy again. 4
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic000 Tell me about the Legate. Neutral 50 He's the best the Legion has to offer, or so the Legionaries say. Brute of man, wears a fancy metal mask into battle. 5
Neutral 50 He killed one of my pack Brahmin simply because it was in his way. I knew better than to complain about it, though. 6
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic003 I'd like to know more about you. Neutral 50 Shoot. 7
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic004 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 All right. 8
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic005 Are you part of the Legion? Neutral 50 No, sir. I'm an independent trader from Arizona. 9
Are you part of the Legion? Neutral 50 No, ma'am. I'm an independent trader from Arizona. 10
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic006 Is it dangerous to trade with the Legion? Happy 20 Not at all - they're my best customers. As long as you don't try to sell 'em chems or alcohol, they treat you fair. 11
Neutral 50 Hell, I don't even need to travel with guards most of the time in Legion territory. All the bandits are dead or run off. 12
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic008 Do you ever trade with the NCR? Disgust 50 Between having to hire protection and getting slapped with taxes, it's more profitable to stick to Arizona and New Mexico. 13
Neutral 50 But, I do cross the river from time to time when an opportunity comes along. 14
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic009 Have you ever met Caesar? Neutral 50 I haven't had the pleasure. I have crossed paths with Legate Lanius, his second-in-command, however. It was... unpleasant. 15
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic010 Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Have a look. 16
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic011 I need something repaired. Neutral 50 I'll grab my tools. 17
VFreeformTheFortFortDaleBartonTopic012 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Be seeing you around. 18


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Be seeing you around. 19
Neutral 50 Here I was thinking you'd be a challenge, want a rematch?. 20