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Formula Q is an unused consumable item in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


Formula Q would grant +5 Charisma, +3 Luck, and improve gun accuracy for 5 minutes. It also does not affect thirst, and carries no chance of addiction, otherwise it is functionally identical to Formula P.

Unlike Formula P and its dangerous possible after-effects of "increased strength, feral behavior, mouth foaming, and death" when administered to animals,[1] Formula Q is safe and relatively harmless to use.[2]


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Learned from plan/recipe
Recipe: Formula Q
Formula Q (1)


Formula Q cannot be crafted or found in the game world. It would have been unlocked after learning its respective recipe, but this content was not implemented in-game.


While Formula Q cannot be obtained as an item, it may be administered to animals by Quercus if the optional Retrieve ARIC-4's shutdown code objective is completed during Project Paradise.[3] It causes the animals to fight hostile enemies instead of remaining passive and heals the creatures between rounds.


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  2. Quercus: "Are you worried about Formula Q? Unlike Formula P, it's safe and healthy, and what every good girl deserves!"
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  3. Quercus: "Now I'm distributing my specially developed Formula Q. Safe, natural, and full of nutrients to improve any animal's quality of life."
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