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Formal wear is a piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


It does not provide any Damage Threshold, but can be repaired with other formal wear. Formal wear also looks identical to the White Glove Society attire, but without the faction affiliation.


  • Chauncey wears one, it can be looted from him after his assassination in Beyond the Beef.
    • Mortimer also wears one; he needs to be reverse pickpocketed for it or killed in Beyond the Beef for it.
  • Can be found in the Ultra-Luxe casino on certain non-player characters.
  • Marjorie will give a set to the Courier during the Beyond the Beef quest.
  • The White Glove Society members in the kitchen cooking brahmin with flamers both wear a set of formal wear.


Adding this to Veronica's inventory will earn the Courier her thanks and a special unarmed move, Scribe Counter.