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The Forlorn Hope letters are a series of paper notes in Fallout: New Vegas. They can be found scattered around Camp Forlorn Hope. These letters are last letters from Camp Forlorn Hope soldiers to their families or comrades to be delivered if the soldier dies.


# Location
1 On one of the soldiers near the Camp Forlorn Hope supply crate for the quest Restoring Hope, northeast of the Southern Nevada Wind Farm, west of Camp Forlorn Hope.
2 In the tent row next to the mess hall in Camp Forlorn Hope. The letter is in a footlocker in the first tent on the right.
3 Located in a duffle bag in the third tent on the right in Camp Forlorn Hope.
4 Located in the tent directly behind the mess hall in Camp Forlorn Hope (in the same tent row that contains Letters 2 and 3.) The letter is on one of the beds.
5 In a footlocker in the tent across from the medical tent in Camp Forlorn Hope.
6 In a duffle bag in the shack across from the jail in Camp Forlorn Hope. (Must be stolen)
7 In the barracks, sitting on the table next to the light in Camp Forlorn Hope. (Must be stolen)
8 On one of the soldiers near the Camp Forlorn Hope supply crate for the quest Restoring Hope, northeast of the Southern Nevada Wind Farm, west of Camp Forlorn Hope.
9 On an almost dead NCR trooper who has both of his hands blown off, west of the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker in an empty field between Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson. The soldier and therefore the letter were removed in a later patch.


Forlorn Hope letter 1

To my dearest Ellen,

We're in a tough spot here and none of the men expect to make it out alive. Things look pretty grim. I'm writing this so that if anything happens to me, you know how much you meant to me.

I was foolish to join the NCR and leave you behind and I've regretted it every second of every day that I've been here. My only wish now is to see you again and hold you in my arms. The only thing that keeps me going are my thoughts of you.

Just know that I made mistakes, but you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm sorry, and I love you.


Forlorn Hope letter 2

Dear Janey,

If you're reading this, that means I didn't make it. I want you to know that you were the most important thing in my world. You were my sun, my moon, my stars. Even out here on the battlefield I thought of you every minute of every day. At night, I put your picture on the bunk above me and looked into your beautiful eyes until I fell asleep.

Even though I'm gone, know that I'll always be with you. Just close your eyes and think of me and I'll be there, right by your side.


Forlorn Hope letter 3

Dear Mom and Dad,

If you're reading this, you know I won't be coming home.

I'm sorry how this all ended. I'm sorry for all the times that I didn't listen to you. I'm sorry for storming out the way I did.

But I want you to know that you are the best parents anyone could ever have. You gave me everything I could have ever wanted, and I only now see that.

Thank you for everything.

Your son,


Forlorn Hope letter 4


Things have gotten pretty grim since my last letter. The conditions here at Forlorn Hope just keep getting worse and worse - food is scarce, medicine and supplies are limited, and we're all scared out of our minds. We lose a handful of good men every day. It's hard seeing all your friends die.

The Major does his best to inspire hope and confidence, but it's just not working any more. Too many people have died here. Dr. Richards is a good man, if a little odd, but there's just too many wounded for him to handle.

Through all this strife, I take solace in the fact that I'm fighting to keep our family safe. And when the NCR wins this fight, it'll make the world a better place for all of us.

Take care of the kids and I'll write you again soon.


Forlorn Hope letter 5

Dear Ma and Pa,

If you're getting this letter, then I'm sure you've already heard the news. I'm sorry, but know now that I'm in a better place. Tell Mikey I did good, okay?

You were the best family ever and I hope I've made you all proud.


Forlorn Hope letter 6

To my darling Gracie,

Know that I died fighting for what I believed in. I know you never understood why I had to do this, but I'm thankful that you supported me anyway. I appreciated every letter you sent. They gave me hope when we had none out here. You were always the one thing keeping me going, and I thank you for that. I wish that this could have turned out differently, but know that I loved you with all my heart.


Forlorn Hope letter 7

Dear Sister,

They're sending me into the no-man's land tomorrow, and by the time you read this, I'll be dead. That means that once again you were right and I was wrong. Ever since we were kids, I was always a thorn in your side, always doing everything you told me not to. Now, as I'm about to go off to my death, I realize you were only looking out for me all these years. I'm so sorry.

I can only hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.


Forlorn Hope letter 8

To my brothers,

If you're reading this, then I was probably killed by some slimy Legion scum who got lucky. Hopefully the bastard is dead and six feet under, but if not, you better avenge me or I will haunt you until the day you die.


p.s. Kill all the Legion dogs that I wasn't able to.

Forlorn Hope letter 9

Dearest Andrew,

Writing this seems pretty morbid, but tomorrow we march into the no man's land between our camp and Nelson, which is crawling with Legion. The Major insisted I write this damn "if you get this, I'm dead" letter so here it is. What a crock. I have the luck of the devil and your love on my side, so I'll be home soon. Keep the porch light on for me.

We'll party in New Vegas when I get back.

I love you.



It is no longer possible to get Forlorn Hope letter 9 after a patch where the majority of injured troopers between Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope are removed.